Muscle Massage Gun Unboxing

I have started to work out a whole lot more this year and my body is really not thanking me for it. My body is definitely letting me know that I am doing a whole lot more as it is more or less constantly aching. In the past few weeks whilst adding football into my routine I have noticed I am getting more and more aches alongside cramps. I have had my eye on a muscle massage gun for a while now but never thought I needed one but as I am doing more exercise I have finally taken the plunge and picked up one from Amazon to help aid my recovery. 

The one I purchased was the BDBKMG Muscle Massage Gun from Amazon for around £50 due to it being on a deal of the day. What sold me on this one is that it is super quiet so I don't have to worry about listening to the vibrations and I can just relax whilst using it rather than getting frustrated with the noise. This is also portable which is great as if I am working out and then going elsewhere or if I am away I can take this with me if needed and not have to worry about how I am taking it out of the house, everything can be kept in one space rather than being just thrown in a bag. I also has a LCD touch screen for ease of use and 6 massage heads for different areas of the body so no matter where the ache is you can target that area perfectly. I loved how this one has 30 speeds too so depending on what you require there is an option there for you. 1-6 is a mild massage, 7-12 is a muscle awakening, 13-18 is fascia relaxation, 18-24 is a deep massage and 25-30 is a professional mode. The choice of levels is great as it means whatever level of massage I need I am covered so I should get plenty of use out of it. So here is what you get with this massage gun... 

As soon as you open the box you are greeted with the black carry case containing the massage gun. I thought this might have been a bit bigger but it is actually quite compact so it is going to be easy to take out and about with me if needed. I also love how it is just a plain black case too rather than having prints etc all over as it just keeps it nice and basic plus I am going to know what is in it anyway. 

When you open the case you are greeted with everything you need, the massage gun and accessories are all on the left of the case and the right has the manuals in alongside a bit of netting. I love the bit with the netting as it just gives you a bit of extra storage space rather than having to take extra bags with you for the sake of a few little items. It is great to see that everywhere has its own little space in here rather than having to play jenga to find a way to close it after use. 

Sometimes I find user's manuals too big and full of useless points that I am never going to read. This one though is small at just a few pages long and gives you the basic information that you need in multiple languages. I didn't mind actually reading this one as it was so short and actually give me what I needed and left it as that. 

The back of the massage gun has a small LCD touch screen that again is nice and basic. It shows you how much battery is left and what speed you are on which is great as I can see easily just how long is left so I don't have to worry about it dying half way through a massage. There are two touchscreen bits one is to turn the speed up and the other to turn it down and these react almost immediately so you can change it quickly to suit what you need. 

In terms of the massage gun this is a really nice matte black colour and it is nice and basic with no extra detailing on. I love the matte black effect as it all flows nicely and actually looks quite smart. The only bit of colour comes from the LCD screen on the back. There is a bit of weight to this massage gun however, it isn't too heavy to cause issue when using it which is what I like. I am pretty weak but I can easily use this for more than 15 minutes without any issues.

The massage gun comes with 6 interchangeable heads for various areas of the body and they are really easy to change over. Simply press them into the massage gun and pull them back out when you are done. There is a round head for the full body muscle, fork head for a spine massage, wedge head for shoulder blades & lower back, thumb head for hands, bullet head for joints and a flat head for the full body. I can't wait to try out the different types of heads to see if they are beneficial or not as I think some of them can be really useful. 

The charger is a just a basic one, a bit like the one I have for my record player. I thought it might have been a USB charger which would have been better as I have plenty of them laying around if this one went missing however, I guess if I do lose this one I can just pinch my record player power supply. It is strange really getting an item like this and it not being USB as I am so used to items coming like that these days.  

I am really impressed with what I have got with this product and I am really looking forward to getting plenty of use out of it over the coming months and into the future as I continue to add plenty of exercise into my weekly routine. I am hoping this item really helps aid my recovery as I am sick of my muscles constantly aching. I am sure you will be seeing plenty of this massage gun on the blog in the future as I will be doing check ins on how I am getting on with it and also posting more fitness posts again as I am getting back on track. Now let's hope this does the trick. 

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