July 2021 Fitness Update

 Well July was the month where I was going to be getting back on track after catching covid but that didn't exactly happen. It seemed to be a month of being none stop and filling my stomach to make up for what I lost during being ill which wasn't a bad thing as it definitely helped my recovery. I was barely at home in July which was a bit annoying as I found motivation slipping and me falling back into old habits which wasn't good at all so let's see how I got on with July's goals...

-Lose 4 lb
Well this didn't go well at all and I actually ended up gaining weight although this month I haven't let it get to me as I know I have been building muscle especially in my legs plus I have been eating out a lot alongside just trying to recover from my illness where I barely ate anything. It was just a case of getting my energy back from food and it worked but now it is time to get back on track

Get back on track after my illness
This one has definitely happened in some areas but not with my eating. In terms of getting back on track exercise wise I absolutely smashed it though and even started playing football again which has been great. Now I just need to sort out what I am eating as that really has been my downfall. 

 Limit alcohol consumption
This didn't happen as there was the end of the Euros and then the nice weather where I ended up having a fair few drinks. There were also days out where I would have an alcoholic drink instead of a none alcoholic equivalent. I am really going to try cut back even if the weather does turn nice I will be limiting myself to one treat evening a week for now instead of all weekend which should work wonders for me. 

Less takeaways
I didn't do well with this at all the heat meant neither of us wanted to cook and then we just fell into a bit of a downward spiral with it all which wasn't good at all. We ended up ordering in far too many times in July and I really aren't happy with it and the damage has been done. Now it is time to knock that on the head and make a better change and eat a whole lot better. 

Get back walking
I think we managed to get on one walk throughout July as it was either too warm or raining far too much. I definitely want to go on a whole lot more walks though as when we did our one in July it was a great start to the day and I just felt so much better for it. Plus it was great seeing how many steps I had done at the end of the day compared to other days. 

 Continue to go boxing weekly
Of course I have been going to boxing weekly and to be honest I would love to go twice a week but my body just wouldn't allow it. It is so nice having something to look forward to each week and seeing my fitness improve weekly just shows me it is working how I wanted it to. Wednesday evenings are fast becoming my favourite evenings. 

Don't let things opening up knock me off track

I honestly do believe that I have let this happen but seen as it is the first month in a long time I have been able to do some things I aren't even mad. It has meant catching up with family and just enjoying myself so how can I be mad? I have been out for drinks and food and days out have ended up with me eating badly but I am almost all caught up now so it is time to limit what happens and make healthier choices. 

                                        So here is how my weight loss went for July

Beginning of July weight : 14 stone 10 lb 

End of June weight : 15 stone 1 lb

Total loss for the month : +5 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in August ...

- Lose 6 lb 
- Go on at least 1 walk a week
- Try consume less alcohol 
- A lot less takeaways
- Try cook once a week
- Make sure I am doing 3 x workouts a week
- Get back eating more fruit & veg
- Keep going to football

I am definitely a lot more motivated than I was in the month of July so fingers crossed that motivation is going to bring back a lot of progress as I am sick of seeing the scales go up once more I want to make some good progress in August and help make more changes to my mindset so fingers crossed I can smash all these goals. 

Total loss for 2021 : - 10 lb 

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 1 lb

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