Creating A Working Space In The House

Something I have needed for a long time is somewhere that I can go sit to blog and work on other projects without any distractions so that I can get a whole lot more done daily rather than going off on a tangent. That is why I have finally taken the step of creating myself a little bit of an office space in the spare room. 

Before this was the office area it was a bit of a dressing room so some of those aspects have stayed the same to create a bit of a hybrid room for now. So here is how the room is currently looking...

As soon as you go through the door you are greeted by what used to be my dressing table however, I have now turned this into my desk area and so far it is working really well. This is just a small dressing table from Ikea and in the drawer I keep my glasses and stationary then I have this really comfortable chair from Jysk, I was going to swap this out for a desk chair but it is surprisingly comfortable.  On top of my desk I just have a little box which I made where I keep things like memory cards, cables and any other random bit. I usually have my Macbook and iPad on here too as that is what I work on. I tend to keep my backpack at the side of here too so I can pack it quickly for the following day. 

Above the desk I still have my mirror up as this is still where I sit to do my hair on a morning. Then we have my two new whiteboards which are working brilliantly for me as they are helping keep me on track with where I am with content. One whiteboard has all my post ideas for the month on and what stage I am at then the other is filled with an extra to do list, appointments I have and football fixtures that are coming up, since getting these I am on top of everything so lets hope that continues. 

To the side of my desk are my Alex Drawers which are a filled with a mixture of items at the moment. Most of them have either stationary or camera equipment in however, a few are filled with hair care products or extra accessories to help me get ready on a morning. To be honest I thought this being mixed would be a bother for me but I can easily remember what is in each drawer so I don't have to open them all to find 1 item. On top of here I just have a couple of captains armbands from football games my dad has worked at and my favourite Manchester United football. To the side of the drawers I just keep my camera bag and Tripod so I can quickly access them when needed plus its the only place they would fit. 

On the other wall we have my clothing rail which has made life so much easier for me since we put it in. This is mainly where I keep the outfits I plan on wearing for work so I just put them together hang them and on a morning pick whichever one I fancy that day. If I am going on a day out I will also put those outfits on here before the day so everything is planned out. This has also been great when it comes to shooting outfits as I can have everything here ready to go instead of searching through my wardrobe and drawers. I also tend to put any new purchases on here too so I can find them when it comes to doing the new in posts. 

Speaking of new in bits this little corner is where I keep anything I need to photograph. To be honest this corner always ends up looking a mess after just a few days so I really need to think of a way to store these better and create a bit more space in the room. 

With the room being our spare room we have sofa bed in it just in case anyone every does come to stay with us but for now it is just filled with cushions, blankets and some old soft toys I found at my parents. There also seems to be two of my new footballs on there as I haven't decided if these will be displayed or kept in the shed yet, I guess I could get some of those ball holders from online and have them displayed when I aren't using them. The sofa bed is just a nice addition for if I don't want to work at the desk too as it is quite comfy although I might replace it at some point. 

I love the shelves in the corner of the room as they hold a lot of my most valuable things. The top shelf is full of vintage Sooty items and a Little Mermaid figure which I absolutely love and fingers crossed they are nice and safe whilst they are up nice and high. The other two shelves are just filled with my old football and rugby trophies which I love having back out on display again. I also have this amazing City Gent picture that fits in brilliantly with the football theme. 

Finally on here is where I just keep random little things and to be honest I also class it as my little snack corner as I always have some form of snack on here. It definitely is random though as I have my Google home and my record player which I really need to start using again as it has definitely been neglected lately. 

On the top of here though I have definitely tried to stick to a football theme again and I have a few Edge of the Area pieces, an EA football, a footballer bottle opener and a football sand art. The room is filled with football but I really don't mind as I just love football a bit too much. 

There are still somethings that need doing in the room and those things are...

Set up the Google Home
Put a shelf up for books
Put the street sign on the wall
Hang some prints

So really there are only a few simple tasks to do and the room will finally be complete. I have already started using this room and I am loving it as it is free from distraction and I am getting so much more done. Plus the football theme is absolutely perfect for me as I really am football mad. No doubt over the years this space is going to change but for now it is perfect. 

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