The Wardrobe Essentials Series - The Footwear You Should Definitely Own

Carrying on with the wardrobe essential series today we have the shoes everyone should own. Previously we have covered the tops and bottoms you should have in your wardrobe but now it is time to cover the footwear options.

Your footwear can help match an outfit together perfectly or if you pick the wrong option you could end up looking like you have put no effort into your outfit & very mix matched, I know this from experience. No doubt you are going to have different occasions to head to throughout the year and you don't want to wear those beat up sneakers to everything do you?

I have learnt the hard way in recent months that I can't just have lots of pairs of sneakers as they are no good for smarter events like parties, christenings etc. Too many times I have had to rush out last minute to pick up some shoes that will go perfectly with my outfit and smarten it up. So to save you from getting caught out like me take a look at this list to see the shoes you should always having your wardrobe/collection...

Sneakers are a must have for me, in fact it makes up 90% of the shoes I own. You just can't go wrong with a good pair of sneakers for a casual look however, these days there are plenty of options out there to provide a smarter look to your outfit too. You can literally wear a pair of sneakers for any occasion but making sure they fit your style will certainly make or break your outfit. Here are the types you should be looking at owning...

A plain white pair
A plain white pair of sneakers will go with 99% of your wardrobe and there are so many options out there to make sure a pair fits the style you are going for. My go to pair at the moment is the white Nike Air Force 1's as they give a sporty look but also look nice and clean to create a nice smart look with any outfit. You can also get some nice high end white sneakers such as the Common Projects which definitely give your outfit a smart clean look but if you don't want to spend a fortune most high street stores have some great alternatives that look just as smart.
Plain black sneakers
Just like with plain white sneakers you should always have a plain black option on hand too, I am hoping to add a pair into my collection in the near future when I find a pair I fall in love with. A plain black pair can also help change up an outfit and a smart low pair could end up making an outfit. There are some nice Adidas and Nike ones out there at reasonable prices but again it is often the high street stores that have the nicest options available.

Standout sneakers
If you have a nice plain outfit some times sneakers can just make the outfit pop as a standout pair can add another level. Nike and Adidas have been bringing out some fantastic eye catching sneakers lately. My favouites at the moment are the Nike 200's as they standout and add to the outfit however, they don't stand out too much. 
Converse & Vans
A classic pair of Converse in white or black can really make an outfit look a bit smarter than other pair of sneakers. This is the same for the Van's Old Skool's which have also become a bit of a classic shoe in recent years. The black and white colourway on the Old Skool's just goes really well with a huge variety of clothing which is the same for the Converse too. The best part about these shoes is that they are reasonably priced and can last you a long time too so you are definitely getting good value. 

Summer shoes
One thing I have realised over recent years is that you also need shoes for the seasons, for so long I was caught out when it came to summer and I only had sneakers to wear which might look great but aren't always practical for different occasions like being around a pool or on the beach, plus sometimes a different type of shoe just works better with summer outfits. Here are some of the best shoes you should definitely have to hand...

Boat Shoes
I never even considered boat shoes until I found a pair of Van's ones in the sale a few years back and I love wearing them in the warmer weather. They are just really different to my sneakers and give my summer looks a different look, the perfect way I wear these is with a nice shirt, chino's or denim shorts and they just look great. Again there are some great looking boat shoes out there so go check them out for yourself.

Sandals are something I don't often pick up due to me not really being comfortable in them however, I have got my eye on some Birkenstocks. Sandals are just a great option those those really warm days and again they just give you a nice option as opposed to reaching for sneakers 24/7. 

Slides are great for those super casual outfits & lounging outfits. I literally wear mine everyday whether it is just to nip into the garden or if I am going somewhere and don't need to get out of the car, they are just really easy to wear and really comfortable. You can pick up a pair really cheap, I have a Primark pair that have lasted me for 2 years now so you get your wear out of them for sure. 
Smart Shoes
When it comes to those fancier events or even for some workplaces you are going to want to have some smart dress shoes to make sure they fit in with your outfit such as a suit or dress pants. You don't want to be going to an interview/wedding or fancy workplace in beat up sneakers so make sure you purchase a pair of these shoes...

Loafers are in my opinion an underrated shoes you can get suede or leather ones and they can really dress up a look. A nice suede pair could look great with some slim fit trousers / jeans for a nice party event but then you could opt for a leather pair which could look great with those smart office looks and for those smarter events. They don't have to break the bank either as the high street stores do some great priced options. 

Dress Shoes 
If you don't fancy loafers you can always go for a nice pair of dress shoes such as brogues or derby shoes. These are definitely for those smarter looks and can really make your outfit much smarter. A nice pair of brogues with jeans looks great and there are plenty of colour options out there. A nice pair of dress shoes are also great for those office or smarter dressing days as they just add a bit of class and extra style to your outfit plus they just add more variations to your wardrobe. 

In the autumn or winter sometimes a nice pair of boots is far better than wearing your sneakers 24/7. Again this is something I have noticed in recent years and have been caught out with a few times, there are a great options out there that I will definitely be making the most of this year and here are the ones I will be looking at and you should too...

Chukka Boots
Chukka boots are an option that I used to go for but I am still looking out for the perfect pair at the moment. I personally love these with a suede upper and they look fantastic in autumn with some nice jeans and a jumper. They just add a bit of smartness to the outfit instead of it looking dressed down with sneakers.   

Combat/Military boot
I went through a phase years ago where all I would wear in the colder months was a pair of combat boots but then I slowly slipped out of it but now my style is changing I think it is definitely time to pick up a new pair, again you can pick these up for a reasonable price from high street stores so there is no excuse not to have a pair. A pair of combat boots with some ripped jeans a flannel shirt or nice jumper could look fantastic. 

Chelsea Boots
My go to pair of boots lately has definitely been Chelsea boots, I currently have a black and brown suede pair but am looking at picking up some leather pairs in the near future. They are just really comfortable and really easy to style. Again they can be used for days out shopping or parties & smarter events they are just a fantastic boot. I will no doubt be wearing these a lot in the colder months. 

So there you have it those are the footwear essentials I think everyone should own, each shoe can work with a lot of your existing wardrobe and really elevate your style. What do you think to these options? Anything else you would add? I know I will be picking up the shoes I am missing as I have so many great outfit ideas in mind. 

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