Our Recent Camping Experience

When I was younger we went camping a few times and from what I remember it was really fun. So when my auntie and uncle asked us & my parents if we wanted to go to a camp/glamping site where they had previously stayed we said yes straight away. 

We bought a tent in the sale at Tesco last year so this was the perfect time to test it out and WOW we were impressed as it was a lot bigger than we expected. We had plenty of space in the bedroom section where we had 2 single air beds and our clothing bags, then in an external section we had plenty of space for our extra bits such as camping chairs, table, shoes and all the other random little bits we took along. It actually surprised me how much we had taken and how much space we still had, we seemed to manage to condense a lot of items into just a few bags so when we go again in our own car we know it is all going to fit easily.

We just did 2 nights away this time and to be honest for me it was just the right amount of time for me seen as the 2 night I managed a full 15 minutes of sleep. The forecast before we set off said both nights should have been clear however, that wasn't the case and both nights there was rain. The first night wasn't too bad but the 2nd night was torrential rain so I couldn't sleep as I was sure the tent was leaking but to say it is just a £25 Tesco tent we had no issues with it at all. 

The site we stayed at had BBQ's so both nights were spent having a BBQ followed by a few drinks but to be honest as I was waking up at 5/5:30am to get ready I was in bed by 9pm, when I got home I went straight to bed too just to get caught up on sleep as I aren't used to such early starts. Granted these BBQ's & drinks haven't done me much good on my weight loss journey but a few days off track will be easy enough to recover from and it was worth it. 

What was fantastic was just switching off for a few days, since being furloughed I have spent most of my days sat at my PC working away on new blog posts but for the weekend I was able to step away, not write any posts, just do occasional social media posts and it was brilliant. My mind felt a lot clearer and to be honest I have actually come up with so many ideas for my blogs and social media channels. It is actually quite amazing just how much I can do when my mind is clear so I think more trips like this are going to be needed. I actually took a book with me and managed to read a couple of chapters which was great as I tend to neglect reading lately. My Nintendo Switch came along with me too as I have a game I am wanting to write about on my gaming blog but I never even took it out of my bag, screen time was certainly limited and it was just absolutely fantastic. 

So will we go camping again? I am sure we definitely will do especially if the weather is as good as it has been recently. It is great to know that if me and Liam want to go camping we can book quickly online, throw some bags and the tent in the car and just set off for a weekend. It is a very inexpensive break and from where we live there are plenty of options to go to.

I would love to go camping in the Yorkshire Dales and do plenty of walking whilst I am up there so who knows where we might end up next but all I know for sure is that we will certainly be looking at camping trips more often in the future just for a quick getaway. Do you enjoy camping? Where are your favourite places to visit?

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