My 2020 Birthday Wish List

How is it almost September already? It wasn't that long ago I was getting asked what I wanted for my 25th birthday and now we are approaching my 26th. I have found that each year gets harder and harder when people ask me what I want as due to me earning my own money I usually just pick up things during the year. Normally I would just suggest things like Funko pop's however, the house is starting to get over run by them and there aren't really any other new ones I have my eye on. This year has been all about losing weight, self improvement, blogging & getting back into my hobbies and thanks to lockdown I have really been able to work on these things and it has opened my eyes to different things. One of the things my eyes have been opened to is the fact I spend far too much money on things I don't need, the wardrobe is over flowing and I haven't worn half the items so why do I need to go shopping like I did pre-lockdown? I can spend my weekends and evenings gaming like I used to love doing and have been really getting back into.

So I think this year I am going to suggest items that are going to help me out with my focuses for the year so I can carry on making progress, there are also a few clothing suggestions as there are some essentials I am lacking or need to restock due to them no longer fitting me.

Black Converse
First up we have a pair of black converse, which I have mentioned on here a few times recently. They are a wardrobe essential that I am definitely lacking in my possession. I have a few low pairs of Converse at the moment but only a pair of all white high Converse so these will be the perfect addition especially as we head into Autumn.

Bradford City Shirt
It is a bit of a yearly tradition for me to get a new Bradford City shirt for my birthday and after seeing what this years home shirt looks like I think that might be the one I suggest. The best part is by the time I get the shirt we might be closer to returning to the stadium to watch the team play, even if we aren't though I will end up getting plenty of wear out of the shirt
Avengers Game
With us being in lockdown and unable to attend football matches my love for gaming has really reignited once more and I am enjoying just stepping away from writing and just putting the PS4 or Xbox on and tackling the backlog of games I have. The new Avengers game is due to come out around the time of my birthday so fingers crossed this will soon be being played as I love the Avengers and the trailer actually looked quite good.

All Saints T-Shirt
I have mentioned these a few times on here now and I am noticing my essential plain t-shirts are starting to look worn and out of shape so I think it is time I made an upgrade. I love how simple the All Saint's t-shirts look and I have heard from numerous people they are good quality. With me losing weight and needing to rebuy a lot of clothing I am trying to be more conscious of my purchases and buy better quality rather than cheap and often.

Crep Protect Cases
I am trying my best to really look after my sneakers and keep them in the best condition as I can for as long possible instead of needing to repurchase them. The more expensive and nicer sneakers I own I tend to leave in the boxes and then just take them out as I need them however, I would love to have a nicer way of storing them. We are hoping to get our hallway redecorated in the near future but until then I don't really have a nice way to store my sneakers so maybe some nice Crep Protect storage boxes may change that and make the sneaker area a bit nicer to look at until it gets decorated.

North Face Jacket
I seem to be really lacking in the jacket department but one I have had my eye on for a while is a nice North Face jacket. I wanted one for a few years now however, I just haven't been able to find one that fits me right but I am hoping that now I have lost some weight I am hoping that can change and I can finally have a nice North Face jacket for the autumn / winter months.

I am trying to get back into reading and I seem to be going down the self help / mindset books as it is something I am really looking to improve on over the next few months / years. The two that I have been recommended quite a few times have been the Chimp Pardaox and the Miracle Morning so I am hoping to give them a read in the near future. This year is definitely about improving myself and my habits so these two should be perfect for me.

So there you have it those are some of the things I would love to receive for my birthday as each one will help & benefit me in there own way. Would you love to receive any of these items if it was your birthday?

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