How I Look After My Sneakers

When you are spending a lot of money on your sneakers you are going to want to make them last, I know I do. It has only been in the past year when I have been investing more money in my sneakers that I have started looking after them a lot more. There is no point paying £60+ for a pair of Primeknit sneakers to not look after them and need to pick up a new pair a few months later. Just like with the white Air Force 1's, why pay £80 for a pair of white sneakers for them to look dirty and scuffed after 2 weeks? All it takes is a few items and a little bit of time to keep them sneakers looking great and fresh for the longest time which is going to keep your outfit looking on point without breaking the bank every few month.

Crep Protect spray
An item I have on hand is the Crep Protect spray, this is super easy to use and works. I gave my Puma Nova's a coat of this spray and at the end of the day they stayed white event after me walking in mud whilst wearing them. I also got caught in a down pour in these but the spray meant water ran of them and the shoes didn't get soaked like they would if they hadn't had a coat of the spray. This spray is around the £10 mark and can be picked up from the likes of JD & Footasylum. 

Crep Protect wipes
The Crep Protect wipes are really handy to have and as they come in a tin and individual wipes they are really easy to just throw in your bag so you can clean your sneakers on the go. I have found these so handy to have on hand especially since picking up my Air Force 1's, if I see any dirt on them I just reach into my bag pull out a wipe and they are clean again. It takes a few seconds and means they still look nice and white all day, it is nice having them look box fresh weeks later as normally by now they would be filthy and scuffed. The wipe has two sides, one is nice and smooth whereas the other is a little bumpy for those tougher marks, the bumps don't do any damage to your sneakers either which is a big positive.

Crep Protect eraser
For £8 you can't go wrong with the Crep Protect eraser especially if your sneakers are suede or nubuck. I use this to keep my suede sneakers free from scuff as the eraser does just like an eraser should it buffs out the scuffs and keeps your sneakers looking cleaning and has them lasting much longer. I got my first pair of Puma Suedes back in 2013 and thanks to the eraser they still look like they have barely been worn so that is 7 years of wear that doesn't look like it.

Keep in boxes
Keeping my sneakers in the boxes is something that I have only just recently started doing and I am so glad I have. I do this for my more expensive sneakers and I have found it stops them getting dusty & ruined by just being left laying around. I have had plenty of pairs where I have left them behind the door or in the way and they have just got so dirty and scuffed. So now I am definitely taking a lot more care, you can keep them in the original shoe boxes or there are plenty of other options out there these days such as Crep Protect boxes.

So those are the steps that I am already taking but there are other ways I want to look after not just my sneakers but also my other shoes a little bit more. There are definitely some areas that I neglect when it comes up to looking after my sneakers and I am starting to learn it isn't just cleaning them that makes them last longer but there are other parts too.

Shoe trees
These are so cheap and I don't know why I haven't picked them up yet. It is all well and good keeping your sneakers in a box but they can still lose shape. That is where sneaker trees come in handy, just slip them inside your sneaker and it will help them stay in shape. The sneaker trees will add a longer life to your sneakers and I really need to pick them up soon.

Shoe horn
The shoe horn is definitely an item I need to pick up ASAP, looking in my sneaker collection and at my other shoes the backs are so worn out and that is due to how I put them on. I got into the bad habit of not undoing my sneakers when taking them on and off so I would end up ruining the backs by trying to get them on without undoing them, it was just lazy. I am hoping to pick up a shoe horn in the near future because even though I undo laces now some pairs of sneakers are still a little tricky to put on, so by using a shoe horn I should be able to make the backs of those tricky sneakers last longer.

Crep Protect pills
You don't want to be going to someone else's house, take your shoes off and stink out the house and you definitely don't want a lot of worn sneakers in your house sat around smelling. The more you wear a pair of sneakers the more they are going to smell and honestly you can't help it. I have heard great things about the Crep Protect pills and honestly even if I just pick up a few sets for now for my most worn pairs then it is a start and will stop them smelling bad so soon.

That is how I look after my sneakers and how I want to care for them more to make them last longer. Do you have any of these products or do you protect your sneakers in any of these ways? I would love to know if you have any different ways of doing this.

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