Weekly Round Up #32



Well that is another week done and dusted, it involved coming back from a nice weekend away and getting back to the office for two days. Even though that was three days that were taken up I still seemed to get a lot done even if I didn't feel as productive as I should have been. So here is what I got up to last week... 

Monday was a nice early start having breakfast & packing up the tent etc. On the way home we stopped off at the York Designer Outlet at surprisingly I ended up coming away without buying anything. As soon as I got home though I ended up getting straight into bed, I watched some YouTube then just crashed as those 5.30 am starts just caught up to me. 

Tuesday I was meant to stay in and get some blogging done but I did end up nipping to the White Rose in Leeds where I finally found a flannel shirt ready for Autumn. Once I got home though I ended up getting a few bits done that I wanted to tick off my to do list. 

Wednesday was the day where I managed to get a lot done though as I literally just spent the day sat at my PC trying to get plenty of bits done. I was actually quite pleased with how much I got done because when I woke up I just really didn't want to do anything. 

On Thursday I was in the office from 8.30 until 5 just working away but as soon as I got home I just relaxed, I made a start on watching Once Upon A Time so literally nothing else got done as I seemed to get hooked on the show. 

Friday was a super quick day in the office as I ended up going and helping my sister clear out some of the rooms in her house as she is decorating soon. It was great spending time with my nephew again whilst we sorted through bits. By the time I got home though I was so tired I ended up getting into bed and watched Once Upon A Time again. 

Saturday was finally haircut day which was definitely needed, I feel so much better for having it done. Then it was round to my parents to help sort out the loft seen as 90% of the stuff up there is mine. Then it was home to set up my Macbook and just relax. 

Sunday was certainly a super productive day where plenty of blog related things were sorted, I planned for the week ahead and we managed to get jobs done around the house. Sunday's really have become a day for getting ready for the week ahead. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I watched plenty of YouTube throughout the week but I mainly watched Once Upon A Time, it is such a great show. 

Reading: I finally made a start on my book and honestly it is so far so good. 
Listening to:  I seem to have fallen back to listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara lately along with a lot of the UK chart music at the moment. 

This week I want to carry on being super productive with my blog content as well as continuing to get jobs done around the house. It is getting closer to my birthday and I really want to have as many jobs done as possible before then. I also want to have some time for gaming this week too as it has been seriously neglected due to me focusing on the blog for a while. 

See you soon

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