Weekly Round Up #30

 So the final week of July has been and gone and to be honest it was a pretty good one. The weather was a mixture of good and bad but I managed to get plenty done and still spend time with my nephew too. Plus I did a couple of days in the office which was a nice change. So here is how the final week of July went...

Monday was such a productive day, I got up at a decent time and just sat at my desk for the day. I actually managed to get most of the content written for August, I just have images to add to those posts and I even got planning done for months later in the year.

Tuesday was day number 1 in the office and it was nice having a change of scenery again although I couldn't believe how tired I was when I was got home. It was a nice relaxed night just watching YouTube and switching off for the night.

Wednesday was our usual day of doing the food shop and spending time with my nephew. It is nice having Wednesdays as a bit of a routine day. It is nice getting to spend time with my nephew too as once I am back at work that is obviously going to change.

Thursday was my second day in the office and it absolutely flew by. It picked up a bit and it was nice getting back into doing bits that I have actually missed doing. Again though by the time I got home I just wanted to climb back into bed but we had to wait for the AA to come and sort my car out which we finally managed to get sorted.

Friday was another day spent with my nephew, it was so warm so we got his paddling pool out and just spent the day in the garden enjoying the weather seen as it is rare we get weather like that. Then it was a trip to B&Q to pick up some post mix for finally putting our fence posts in.

On Saturday my dad came round and we got the fence posts in ready for the rest of the wood and chippings to arrive so we can finish our back garden. Once he had gone it was a case of just relaxing and watching YouTube. It really was the perfect Saturday. 

Sunday really was a perfect relaxed day. It involved a bit of blogging, naps and just relaxing catching up on more YouTube and planning for the week ahead. It was nice just getting blog stuff done and planned so that on Monday I could just crack on.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I spent my week watching YouTube, there have been so many great fashion & tech videos in my subscription box lately. 

Reading: I have finally picked what I want to read next, now I just need to start need to reading it. 
Listening to:  I am absolutely loving Taylor Swift's latest album it is the only thing I have actually been listening to. 

This week I want to get plenty more content written as motivation seems to have come back lately. I am also hoping to pick up the bits we need for our upcoming camping trip so that is one less thing to worry about for the next few week. Fingers crossed we can make more progress with the garden too as there isn't much left for us to do. Once all this is done I am hoping to have plenty of time to get come Instagram pictures taken out of the house for a change. 

See you soon

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