July 2020 New In

Remember last month when I said I was hoping to spend a lot less money and save more... well I have managed to save more even though I have ended up buying a lot more than last month. July seemed to be the month where a lot of my favourite places have had sales on or I have just managed to find some bargains. Plus I have needed to restock a few of my essentials and to be honest I have noticed a lot of my clothes no longer fit and didn't look right any more so I have picked up a few bits for just keeping my wardrobe going. I am trying not to buy too much but that is a topic for a post another day. Anyways to save this post being far too long here are all my pickups from July...

Gymshark Keychain

Gymshark had a sale on so I managed to get a few bits. One thing I didn't set out to buy is this black keychain with the Gymshark detailing on it but it was cheap and could come in very handy for me as I am constantly losing my gym key fob whether that is in the bottom of my bag or around the house. 

Gymshark t-shirt

I also picked up this bold blue t-shirt from the Gymshark sale as I love these for either lighter workouts or daily t-shirts. I love how the white really stands out of the blue and it is a fantastic fit, I am sure you will be seeing this on here and my Insta plenty of times in the future. 

Gymshark t-shirt

Another t-shirt you will definitely be seeing plenty of is this petrol blue Gymshark t-shirt which was another sale pick up. I love the colour on this t-shirt and it is definitely going to be more of a lifestyle t-shirt for me as it looks too good to just wear for working out. The fit on this one is great and I can't wait to get wearing it.

fitness accessories

At the beginning of the lockdown I was on the hunt for a skipping rope and resistance bands but had no luck. But I finally managed to pick some up from Argos, I know the gyms are now reopen however, I am happy still working out at home if the gym is busy which no doubt it will be. These were really reasonably priced and I can't wait to get using them. 

Real madrid jersey

On a trip to the outlet store I picked up this long sleeved Real Madrid training Jersey for £14.95 when the price tag said it was originally over £100, do I believe it was that price? I still aren't sure. But this jersey is going to be perfect for those colder days or workouts in the garden due to the long sleeves but it still being the Clima Cool material. 

To go along with the jersey I picked up the shorts with built in leggings for the same price. These are fantastic quality and are going to be used for working out in the garden especially on those colder days as the leggings are so comfortable and are nice and warm.

Whilst in Superdrug I got stocked up on some bits that I had been wanting pre-lockdown. I always struggle with getting a tan and never want to dive right in with a fake tan so I use this Garnier Summer Body gradual tan, it does the job perfectly and really helps get rid of my pasty skin. I also picked up a tanning mitt as I just find it easier for putting the gradual tan on. 

I also picked up a few face masks as I had totally run out and wanted to treat myself for a change. Is there anything better than just putting on a face mask and relaxing on an evening? I love the ones from Superdrug and with them being on 3 for 2 they are super affordable too.

I am trying my best to try get into a bit of a skincare routine again as I am sick of constant breakouts so I picked up this pore cleanser to try as it was on offer. I honestly don't know what to make of this yet as I haven't tried many products from Biore but I am looking forward to trying this soon.

I still haven't had my haircut since lockdown began so it has started to get a bit out of control and I can't do my usual style with it. So I have picked up a got2b beach matt paste to help me create a messy but good looking style. I also picked up a tame & shine oil too as I used to use one similar to this and my hair was left looking great so I am hoping this one from got2b will give me the same effect. 

Whilst in Primark I picked up two more of their scents as they smell brilliant and are only £2 each. They are really handy just to have in my bag too in case my scent runs out or needs a quick top up whilst I am out and about. I have quite a few of these now and they are such good value for money. 

I managed to get to ShopDisney too and they had plenty of sale items left in stock so I treated me and Liam to a new mug each. I know he loves Mushu from Mulan so I picked him up the large Mushu mug which he now thinks may be to big for him and I got myself the made in the 90's Toy Story mug as I am still absolutely loving anything Toy Story related, plus I love the grey and white colour scheme of it. 

My mum treated me and my sister to a Disney plaque each from Clintons and we actually ended picking the same Lion King one. I absolutely love this this quote and I think this is going to look great displayed in the spare room. They actually had so many nice ones that I am tempted to pick up a few others. 

It isn't very often I actually buy books these days however when I saw Shoe Dog for just £3 I wasn't leaving that behind as I have been after the book for so long, as I love the Nike brand this is definitely an essential read for me, I just can't believe how cheap it was. I also picked up The Subtle Art as I had seen a few YouTuber's recommend this and I have been on a bit of a motivational kick recently as I want to improve myself and my mindset.  

Last month I purchased the Nike Air Force 1's so this month I needed to restock on the essentials... Crep Protect wipes. I absolutely love having these on hand for it I get my white sneakers dirty when out and about. I never used to bother with worrying about them getting messed up but now I really want to make sure I make them last and these wipes are fantastic. But that is enough on them for today as I have a full post coming soon about how I care for my sneakers.

With it being compulsory to wear face masks in shops and supermarkets now I thought it was time I picked up a few more so that I had plenty to have in rotation. When browsing the Adidas site for some t-shirts I ended up coming across a 3 pack of face masks for £15.00 so I picked up a pack and I am so glad I did as they are great quality and I actually find them quite easy to breathe in. 

One of the summer essentials for me is a pair of no show socks but I actually only had a few pairs in my drawer so I picked up a couple of packs so I am well stocked and have plenty on hand so I don't have to worry about running out. I have found the ones from the Primark men's department best for me as they fit well, don't rise too high and have a grip to hold them in place. 

I realised none of my white Nike socks were actually white any more so I picked up a new pack just to keep me going. My old ones were just becoming far too worn so it is nice to have some fresh new pairs to pick out on a morning. 

I have bought 3 pairs of Jeans in July and only 2 fit me which I guess is one of the downsides to losing weight. I picked up a pair of £10 stretch skinny jeans from Primark in a size 20 but a week later I needed a size smaller as the 20's were just too baggy and didn't look how I wanted them too. I ended up getting a dark denim and a light denim in an 18 and they are a perfect fit for now. I am trying not to spend too much money on single items of clothing anymore as when they don't fit for long there is no need so for me £10 jeans are perfect for now.

 I had been on the look out for some grey sweatpants for a while so when I saw these slim fit ones in Primark for £9 I picked them up straight away. You can't beat a great fitting pair of sweatpants and after trying these on they definitely tick all the boxes. Keep an eye out as you will be seeing these on here & my Insta a lot more in the future. 

Whilst in Footlocker me and my sister came across this gods of basketball t-shirt which is part of Footlocker's own brand and for just £9.99 I knew I wasn't leaving without it. This t-shirt looks more expensive than it was and I can't wait to get wearing it soon. I am really starting to get into basketball and the basketball culture so this is perfect. I already have a blog post about this t-shirt in mind. 

Matalan had a huge sale on and I managed to pick up some great items at really cheap prices. One of my pick ups was this green grandad collar shirt for just £5 and it is perfect. I was in need of some more short sleeved shirts and this ticks all the boxes as the material is really nice and the fit is just how I want it. 

Also from Matalan I picked up this black and grey striped t-shirt which is a lovely soft material and is a bit of a flocked design. I have bought this mainly for layering however, it may be worn with some nice jeans in the warmer weather with my bomber jacket over the top. 

 River Island also had a sale on and I picked up this Carpe Diem t-shirt for just £3. I said that for this price even if I just wear it a few times and then wear it for lounging around or sleeping in I have still got a bargain. It is a really nice quality material and fits quite well at the moment. 

Finally from River Island I picked up this boxy t-shirt with a bold print on the back and I am in love with it. The t-shirt gives me Off White vibes and for just £10 was a fraction of the cost. The t-shirt has a smaller logo on the front but it is the bold back print that had me sold. It is a bit of a thicker material too so will be great for all weathers and should be easy to style. I am hoping to get plenty of wear out of this but even if it does start to get too big I think it will look great oversized.

So there you have it I have definitely purchased a lot of over the past month however, with so many items in the sale or reasonably priced I have still managed to save a lot of money too which is fantastic. I am hoping I don't need any more clothing for a while but I guess we will see about that in next months post. What has been your favourite pick up of the month?

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