Weekly Round Up #24

Another week has been and gone with not much change, I am still furloughed so I am still at home which is great as I am having chance to work on my blogs but I do want to try get into some routine soon so fingers crossed that can start happening soon. But here is what I got up to last week...

On Monday my nanna, mum, sister and nephew came round and we just spend the day sat in the garden enjoying some time together. It was a lovely day and the weather was really nice too so we definitely made the most of that. Once they had gone I ended up just relaxing and watching YouTube after decluttering my wardrobe which was definitely long overdue. 

Tuesday I had a trip into town as I wanted some cleaning bit, unfortunately though most of the bits I wanted were actually out of stock so I didn't get what I wanted although I did pick up some new sneakers whilst I was out. What surprised me was how quiet places were as I thought everywhere would be chaos with the shops only having reopened on Monday. This little trip really helped ease my mind on what going out would be like and it was much needed.

Wednesday was food shop day so after a trip to Asda, I had a trip to a different home bargains where I managed to pick up the cleaning bits I wanted along with quite a few extra's which you will see in a post coming very soon. It was great just getting what I needed so I don't have to worry about going out for a while now. 

On Thursday I just had a much needed blogging day where I actually got quite a bit ticked off my to do lists. It had been nice having a few days away from my desk however, it was great just ticking off more and more bits from the list on Thursday and seeing some progress. 

Friday was another day of getting blog things done but I also spent quite a bit of time just doing bits around the house too. Seeing the house get cleaner & the decorations really start to come together over the past few months has been great and I think we are at the stage now where the rooms are all almost complete. 

On Saturday me and Liam just had a nice relaxed day as from this week he is going to be working alternate Saturdays again so we are making the most of those days we do have together. We did end up nipping to my grandparent to sort out there TV but then it was home to play some games.

Sunday was fathers day so we spent the day seeing my dad and grandad which was great I had a few drinks but it was such a lovely day. Once we got home I ended up watching a few YouTube videos then I headed to bed as I was definitely worn out.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Again all I have watched is YouTube, there has been some brilliant videos released lately whether they are fashion, tech, fitness or gaming related. 

Reading:  I haven't picked up my book in so long but I really do want to change that as I have so many books to get through. 

Listening to:  All I listened to last week was Tegan and Sara & I loved it. Sometimes I just fall into the rabbit hole of listening to all their albums all the time and I love it. 

This week I want to get all of July's content done for all the blogs. I also want to finish off cleaning all the house and get some bits in the spare room finished off as things are coming along nicely. I am really hopeful that I can get a lot of things ticked off my to do list this week, fingers crossed if the weather stays nice I can get some bits in the garden done & even do some blogging in the garden too. 

See you soon

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