The Adidas NMD's Are Like Walking On Clouds

To say up until about 2 years ago I was never bothered with Adidas sneakers but now they are one of the brands I always head on over to check out when I am in the likes of JD Sports/ Footasylum & Size, this is because the past few pairs I have had from them have been fantastic.

NMD's are a sneaker I had my eye on for a while but they just seemed so expensive so I stayed clear. But a while back my local Size store (which has now unfortunately shut down) had this pair of black and red NMD R1 STLT Primeknit shoes reduced from £150 to just £60 so I finally picked up a pair and I am so glad I did.

Sometimes your feet can feel restricted in leather shoes or converse due to the toe caps but with these they are literally like wearing a sock instead of a shoe thanks to the Primeknit upper, plus you can't feel the laces either even through the Primeknit due to how they just seamlessly blend into the sneaker. The actual colourway and the stripe like pattern give off a futuristic look for me, which is perfect as they add something different to my outfit but still fit in with 90% of my wardrobe.

It turns out my favourite thing about the Adidas sneakers is the boost technology it is just like walking on clouds and they are so comfortable. I haven't had any issues with the shoes rubbing or giving me blisters when wearing these which is brilliant, even with the plastic bit at the back it doesn't rub which is fantastic as with some other brands I often have to wear them a lot to break them in.

Its the added details I love on these shoes too.  The NMD heel plug really fits with the aesthetic of the sneakers and makes putting the shoes on super easy. The signature mid sole plugs that Adidas refer to as the signature NMD ones also just add to to the design without taking it too far.

I will definitely be getting plenty of wear out of these especially when I wear my cargo pants or shorts. The best part is with my Crep Protect I can wear them all year round and keep them in great condition.

Do you have a pair of NMD's? What do you think about them?

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