Fitness Update For May 2020

May was a bit of a mixed month for me in terms of my fitness journey. I started doing a few 5k walks & set myself a daily challenge which was going so well until towards the end of the month when I just seemed to lose all motivation and just really couldn't be bothered. 

The 5K walks we had been doing were great, we are lucky with where we live there is some good walking routes with some great scenery. It was great to challenge myself to doing these too as with my knee having issues for so long I haven't ever really been able to do things like this but since working on my fitness properly my knee is getting better and better granted the pain is still there but I can push my self more and noticing these changes has been fantastic. 

The daily challenge I started was simply 20 sit ups, squats & push ups, it is nice and simple but I am noticing differences already especially when it comes to the sit ups and push ups, I can do more in a row without needing a break and I can even tell that my strength is improving. Towards the end of the month I started slacking on this but I am back on it now and am working towards increasing from the 20 of each exercise to maybe 30 throughout June. Whilst doing this I was still doing my Joe wicks workouts every few days too which I have been loving. 

In terms of my eating again I have been hit and miss with this, the junk food seems to have slowly crept back in and to be honest I have been eating it for the sake of it as I haven't exactly enjoyed it. Again this all started changing towards the end of the month just as I was starting to get fed up, I need to try get out of this mindset that if I feel fed up I need a bar of chocolate, I don't need it I could have a Trek bar or some fruit if it is really needed. I need to get back into drinking plenty of water too as that dropped of as well.

On the plus side though I am seeing my clothes start to get bigger on me. 

So here is how the weight loss went for May:

Beginning of May weight : 15 stone 9 & 1/2 lb 
End of May weight : 15 stone 7 & 1/4 lb

Total loss -2 & 1/4 lb.

I am quite proud of myself for managing to lose this much weight especially with the change in circumstances due to the lockdown. But here is what I am aiming for in June: 

Carry on my home workouts.

Start eating better again 
Cook more fresh meals 
Vary what meals I am eating 
Try work out 5 times a week
Get back to using MyFitnessPal

So let's hope that I can get these bits above done throughout June and see those scales drop again.

Overall 2020 loss so far : - 9 & 1/2 lb

See you soon

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