May 2020 New In

Thanks to being stuck in during May I have done pretty well in terms of spending as I haven't been able to go out spending as I usually would plus I don't know why but I haven't really bothered with online shopping much either. It was great putting a big chunk of money into my savings for a change instead of just feeling like I wasted my money. I did pick up a few things in May though and here is what they were... 

I did have a call into Home Bargains whilst we have been on the hunt for decking and fence paint and I found this little Mitre football for just £1.99. If you know me you will know that I love football and Star Wars so this is perfect for me. It is should be perfect for keeping me occupied too as you colour it in yourself.

I also picked up this water bottle whilst in home bargains as my water consumption really started lacking towards the end of May so I am hoping this having the little markers on the side will also help me stay motivated and get me drinking more again.

My mum picked me up 2 more of these storage containers on her trip to the pound shop, I love these for keeping my protein powders and BCAA's in as it stops me ending up getting covered in the powder when I get towards the bottom of the bag. These ones are perfect for the 250g bags of protein which are the ones I get.

Finally I picked up a tripod for my Canon camera so that I can take some better pictures with better angles, I can definitely see me getting plenty of use out of this. I opted for the Amazon basics one and I will let you know how I get on with this.

So that is all I have picked up throughout May, as I say this lockdown is definitely helping me with my spending habits although I am starting to make a list of products I want to pick up once this lockdown is all over and done with.

Have you still been buying loads over the lockdown period or are you managing to save more?

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