Weekly Round Up #23

Another week done and dusted, some lockdown restrictions were eased but surprise the weather also changed. The week seemed to go on forever but here is what I got up too...

Some of the lockdown restrictions were eased on Monday, so I had some of the family round for a social distanced picnic in our garden. It was great just getting to spend some time together as it feels like forever since we were together like that. 

Tuesday was a fun day as I started the Chloe Ting 2 week shred challenge, I won't talk too much about this though as I am documenting my progress ready for one big blog post at the end. Once the workout was done it was a case of getting a few blog posts written before I ending up having a nap, that workout really wiped me out. 

Wednesday was another day spent at the PC just trying to get bits done. I was really struggling to get motivated to write so most of the day was spent looking through social media, but I did managed to get a few bits done for the blog. 

On Thursday I ended up spending time with my Mum, Sister and Nephew, it is great been able to see them again. Once I was home I ended up just watching some Disney+. 

On Friday I had every intention of getting up and working on the blogs, but once I had done my workout my motivation seemed to disappear. I did get 2 blogs done but I could have easily got a lot more done. 

Saturday was a bit more of a relaxed day, my mum & dad came round to help us cut some of the grass in front of the house (we haven't got a lawn mower or anything yet) . Me and Liam then just ended up relaxing for the rest of the day, I watched YouTube & some bits on Disney+ whilst Liam played his games. 

Sunday was a total relaxing day,  I got up worked out and then just ended up sat at the PC again watching YouTube & Disney+. I am loving these days of jsut relaxing whilst Liam is home. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  YouTube, YouTube & more YouTube but I did have a few nights of watching a few bits on Disney + too. I watched both Teen Beach Movies, High School Musical the series and a bit of Good Luck Charlie. 

Reading: Again the only thing I seem to have been reading is my social media timelines and other blogs. 

Listening to: For some reason I seem to have gone back to listening to a lot of Disney music, I think it is because it is just easy listening and fun to have on in the background. 

This week I want to get more blog posts written across all my blogs as I had a bit of an up and down week in terms of writing last week. I am also hoping the weather gets a bit better again so that I can try get a few more bits done in the garden. Fingers crossed it is going to be a good week. 

See you soon

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