May 2020 Favourties

Well another lockdown month has been and gone. April seemed to go really fast whereas May just seemed to last forever, but it has meant I have got quite a bit done which is always a plus. Working out what has actually been a favourite to add to this list was a bit of a struggle as my days have been the same as April but here what made the list...


Active wear 

I have been living in active wear, whether it is shorts and a t-shirt or a tracksuit I have been living in them. This sort of clothing is just so comfortable to wear for lounging around in the house and sitting at my PC for long periods of time for. My go to have still been my Gymshark shorts and t-shirt but lately I am loving wearing tracksuits. 


It might be warm outside lately but one perk of our house is that it does stay quite cool, which means I have found myself reaching for a hoodie on most days. There has definitely been a mixture of hoodies been warn during May but I am hoping now the house starts to warm up a little so I don't have to wear them too often, it is coming up to Summer after all. 



I might not be working at the moment but thanks to blogging I am able to stick to some sort of routine, which should make returning to work a little easier. I have actually really enjoyed having so much time to spend on my blogs too as I feel I am making better content. 


Spare Room

The spare room is definitely a favourite for me lately as it is a place I can get ready in the morning but I can also spend time in there just relaxing too. There are a few bits to finish off but once that is done I will do a complete tour of the room for you. This room has also been great for doing my little workouts on a night too as there is plenty of empty space in there. 

Health & fitness

Joe Wicks Workout

I stopped doing the PE with Joe Wicks workouts and now instead I just go through his channel and give his beginner workouts a try. Towards the end of May I started slacking in my workouts but that is going to change again as I want to carry on making progress in my weight loss. If you can recommend any other workouts I could be doing please let me know.

What are your favourites from May 2020?

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