Weekly Round Up #22

Well today is the day I should have been on the way to Scotland for a week away with my family but lockdown had a different plan for us. Last week was a strange week as I just kept remembering about our should be upcoming holiday and how I should have been packing but obviously weren't. Last week was definitely a mixed week some days I was really productive and others I couldn't be bothered.  So here is how the week went...

Monday was a bank holiday for us so Liam had the day off work, we spent the day just spending time together and having a nice lazy day.

Just like last week Tuesday was my most productive day, I managed to get a lot ticked off my to do list for this blog including getting plenty of images taken. Once I had done as much as I could on this day I spent the rest of my time just watching YouTube. 

On Wednesday our new outdoor furniture from my auntie and uncle was due to arrive so I spent plenty of time waiting for that then my dad came to drop it off and put it up for us. I have been loving the weather and this new sofa is going to help us enjoy the weather even more. 

Surprisingly Thursday was another productive day but this time for my gaming & tech blog. I managed to get so much stuff done and seeing just how much I managed to tick off my to do list was brilliant.  

 Friday was a pretty busy day for me as I decided to try get as much cleaning done as I could even though it was so warm. I just wanted to get as much done so we could enjoy the weekend together. 

On Saturday me and Liam just had a bit of a relaxed day. We did the clothes washing and hung it out to dry for a change, then the rest of the day was enjoying the weather and relaxing. I also managed to remember the Space X launch too so that was great to watch. 

 Sunday was another relaxed day, we watched Batman Dark Knight & finished off the rest of the cleaning I didn't get around to doing on Friday. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: It has been yet another week of just watching YouTube and I wouldn't change it at all, I have discovered new accounts to sub to and watched some brilliant videos. 

Reading: I should have taken my book outside with me because I haven't read anything at all once again. 

Listening to: I only listened to 2 artists last week, those were KSI and Lucy Spraggan. I literally just went on Spotify and played through their albums over and over again. 

This week I want to get all June's content written across all 3 blogs, to be honest I have surprised myself as in May I managed to get a fair bit of content for June written so I don't have too much to do. I also want to take some more time just to relax and play some games as I seem to be neglecting playing them. 

See you soon

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