The Gymshark Quote T-Shirt I Have Fallen In Love With

Have you ever purchased an item in the spur of the moment without fully reading the description? Well that is exactly what I did when I was purchasing this Gymshark t-shirt when they had their spring sale. 

I didn't want to miss out on this t-shirt and I didn't read what it was properly so I didn't realise that the back of the t-shirt was a giant quote but if I had read the name of the t-shirt I might have realised this seen as it is called the 'Quote SS T-shirt'. 

I am actually really glad I ended up getting the t-shirt though as it is definitely perfect for me and actually looks really good.  On the front of the t-shirt the only thing on it is the Gymshark logo in the top left toward the collar bone just like on other t-shirts I have of theirs.

Again what I love though is the neck, it doesn't sit too high like some t-shirts I have had from other brands. It isn't too baggy either like others it is practically the perfect fit for me which I am hoping will keep shape for a while too. This sort of neck I have found is great when working out as during some exercising other t-shirts have often gone tight and I have had to readjust it which disturbs my work out a little bit, but with Gymshark t-shirts I have never had any issues as it stays exactly as when you put it on. 

Now onto my favourite part of the t-shirt, the giant be a visionary quote on the back. I was surprised with how big this quote was but it really makes the t-shirt stand out from the crowd. This t-shirt could easily be worn as more of a lifestyle t-shirt as well as a gym t-shirt due to the material but this is definitely a great motivation. Imagine seeing the Gymshark quote when you work past a mirror in the gym and giving yourself a bit of an extra boost to carry on going. If you are just wearing it on a day to day basis as a lifestyle t-shirt you can easily help inspire others if they were to read it.

This t-shirt is just a nice simple black and white colour scheme and even though it is black and white & not some super bright colour it still stands out and catches your eye. 

One thing I struggle with is getting gym t-shirts that don't right up when I am working out but I have never had that issue with Gymshark t-shirts. They are a great length and stay put when working out which is definitely just what I want. Even with that length it still looks great and you can always ruffle it up a bit to if you need to.

Finally another great thing about this t-shirt is the sleeves again these are the perfect length and don't cling to my arms. I often find that some t-shirts, whether they are for the gym or not, the sleeves just don't have any give in them and they start to feel restricting after a while. But Gymshark seem to have got sleeves down to a tee as again I haven't had any issues with my arms feeling restricted at all in any of the t-shirts I have had from them.

I am so glad I rushed to purchase this t-shirt before it sold out as I really do think it is going to be one of my favourites for a long time. Let's just hope I don't grown out of it too soon so I can get plenty of wear out of it before turning it into a lounging around t-shirt.

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