Back Garden Update #2

You may remember back in July I did the a back garden update (you can read it here), well since that post progress slowed right down due to the bad weather. But with it getting closer to my birthday which we are hoping to be sat outside for and the bank holiday weather being absolutely brilliant me dad came round and really cracked on with getting more of the work done. He spent basically all day in the garden on Saturday whilst we went to the football and he has done a fantastic job once again. It is really starting to take shape and look absolutely brilliant.

He managed to get the railings up going across the front which I believe has transformed the area even more. It just separates the top from the bottom and looks so simple but brilliant. It is also a bit of a safety rail because it is a fair drop and I can just imagine someone having a few too many drinks and falling off the edge and I think I would be odds on favourite to be the first to fall of it. Plus when the nephew starts moving around at least he will be safer on it.

The railings look a little bare at the moment though so I think some caps will be going on top just to make them look a bit nicer. I am also very tempted to get some nice fairy type of lights to go over these for when we have parties and gatherings just to make it a little more cosy. The whole decking area is so big we also need to get some more furniture to fill it up a little bit our little table just looks so lost on it. 

My dad has also put in the first planter which was requested by Liam, I don't do gardening and definitely don't do plants but he has said he will look after them so let's see what he picks. I actually wasn't too sure about having these at first but they do look really nice and will be on each side of the steps. they will look even better though once they are filled and the bottom of the garden is completed. 

So all that is now left to do before my birthday is...

Put the fence up at the side of the decking
Finish off the front of the decking
Finish off building 1 more planter
Get rid of the green shed and get a nicer one
Get rid of all these weeds from the bottom of the garden
Find some lights just to brighten the whole area

We have decided we are going to leave the bottom of the garden until next year now as the weather is once again changing. Plus we are starting work on another room hopefully very soon which I can't wait to show you all, so keep your eyes out for that.

See you soon,

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