July 2019 Favourites

The World Cup ended in July, and it ended just as I wanted it to, with the USWNT on top once again. I think they had a brilliant tournament and one of my favourite moments was seeing them lift that trophy once again. 
July also saw plenty of preseason football for Bradford City and I managed to get to a few games, I saw them against Liverpool, Wigan and Bradford Park Avenue. My favourite out of these games though definitely was the Liverpool match as it was for the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation and as Darby is one of my favourite Bradford City players in recent years so I was glad I could go watch this game to support a great cause. 
My overall favourite from the preseason though has to be seeing how much stronger this seasons City team looks, it is sure to be a difference from last season and I can't wait to get back to Valley Parade.

I am lacking on fashion favourites at the moment as seen as we haven't been out much through July (except to the football and a few events) I have spent most of my time in football shirts and shorts just to relax and lounge around. But when I did make an effort I was loving my Champion t-shirt, it is bright red which makes a nice change from my usual black and grey outfits. The best part of it though is the fact I can now fit into it, when I first bought it I got it a size down to make it so I lost the weight needed to get into it and it has actually worked.
I have also fallen back in love with the Nike Jordan brand. My black and white trainers are my favourites as they fit so well and look great white my skinny jeans, in fact I may do a styling outfit based around these trainers. I have also loved rotating my trainers around as it has meant I have fallen back in love with some old favourites and also discovered new. I now just need somewhere to store them all.

It was a busy month in July, with my dad and Liam continuing to do the back garden it also meant I went out a lot with my mum sister and most importantly my nephew. It has been great spending so much time with him and seeing his own little personality grow, he has got that cheeky smile down to a tee and has his auntie Lucy wrapped around his little finger already. I also spent plenty of time with my sister as we spent the day together at the Gymshark Lift Manchester event which was possibly one of my favourite days overall as I met Behzinga from the Sidemen. 
I also got to the cinema a bit this month, I saw Toy Story 4 and was reduced to tears and I also saw The Lion King which to be honest really surprised me as I wasn't expecting much from it. It has been great finally getting back to the cinema again as I hadn't been in a long time.   

Health & Fitness
My main favourite health and fitness wise definitely has to be actually getting to the gym again, it has been brilliant. We have even found ourselves getting up and going early on a Sunday morning and it has been a fantastic change. I think the new found love came from the motivation I got at the Gymshark. I think my new gym clothing may have helped too. I also have a new found love of eating a lot better, my attitude to food is changing and I am loving it, but more to come on that very soon.

So there you have it those are my July favourites, what have been yours?

See you soon,

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