A Lot Of Recent Pick Ups

It is getting worse, I can go a while without buying anything but then I can go out and go totally overboard with purchases. Which is exactly what has happened over the passed few weeks. Thanks to plenty of trips into Bradford, the White Rose and even a trip to York Designer Outlet, I don't think my bank account is my friend but here is what I have picked up lately...

At the designer outlet I had to take a trip to the Levi's store. The t-shirt from there that I already own are some of my favourites, in fact they are also probably my best fitting t-shirts. So when I saw these 2 for just £14 each I wasn't leaving without them. The black will probably become my go to top but the blue is definitely something different for me as it is a bit brighter than what I usually wear.

Next up was a trip to the Nike Outlet which was always going to be dangerous but I did well and only came away with one pair of trainers, which was these women's Court Borough Mid ones. I was in desperate need of a new pair of all white Nikes as my Air Force 1's are starting to fall apart and just don't look as good as they used to. At only £20 these are an absolute bargain.

I have also had a few more trips to Primrk where I picked up this Endless t-shirt for just £3, to be honest I only got this as I want to add more colour to my wardrobe but it actually looks really nice.

 I then also got another black t-shirt with an embroidered logo on it because I am definitely never going to stray away from them no matter how many coloured tops I buy I am sure they will still be out numbered by black ones. 

I got some more shorts literally because they were £2 a pair. I won't be swimming in them unless I get in the nephews paddling pool but I have found they are great for lounging around in the garden in as the weather warms up. I definitely won't be heading out of the garden in the cactus ones but I will possibly wear the Kem ones out and about if we ever get the nice weather back.

My auntie treated me to some Gymshark shorts and they could possibly already be my favourite pair of shorts. The material is absolutely brilliant and I love the quote in the waste band. I won't go into these too much though as they are coming up in a post very soon.

I also got a few pairs of the Gymshark socks to try as I fancied a change from my usual Nike ones. They just have the logo on and are pretty basic but I am in love with the Gymshark products at the moment.

The Disney store really has been my best friend lately as I have bought a lot of things. Including this animatronic Simba that Liam got for me and the nephew to share it is brilliant as it actually has phrases and plays the music. The nephew is yet to see it though and I aren't sure what his reaction would be.

We also got this really cosy Lion King blanket, the Lion King has become one of my favourite ranges of there's lately and this blanket just looked fantastic. Now is just the debate of which room it will be living in.

Anyone who knows me knows I am absolutely obsessed with Stitch and one thing I love is getting the latest Stitch mugs when I go to the Disney store. I absolutely loved this one as not only does it have Stitch and Scrump on the front but it also has Ohana on the back. You really can't ever have enough mugs especially Disney ones.

So there you have it those are my recent pick ups what have you bought recently?

See you soon

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