Last Week #53

Another week done and dusted and it didn't seem to last 2 minutes. The week was once again filled with plenty of relaxing but also heading to the gym. More Gymshark items were ordered and I made the most out of the items I already have from them. It has been great to actually get back working out and my weight has actually dropped for a change, but more on that in an updated weight loss series that is starting this week. Saturday I even got to go to Leeds to see Rock of Ages at the Grand Theatre which was absolutely fantastic it had me crying with laughter at some parts. After that we did some shopping. Sunday was a chilled morning followed by a bit of shopping which again was great, I picked up a few bits I needed but didn't go overboard for a change. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : YouTube is basically all I watched last week as I am hooked once again, I am all caught up on the Sidemen and even watched a load of decluttering and streetwear videos. I watched the Bradford Bulls vs Toronto on TV too but unfortunately the result didn't go our way. Plus the football is back so a few games of that were watched too.

Been reading : The limit of my reading last week was the Sky Sports Transfer Centre as I try keep up with if Man Utd are actually getting Dybala or Maguire.

Been listening to : To be fair there has been no change from the previous week, it has been Tegan and Sara & KSI all week again.

Bought : I spent quite a bit in Primark (haul coming soon) but to be fair it was either essentials or items I had my eye on for a while. I also got a new cookbook which I actually cant wait to get stuck into. 

Plans for this week : I want to try cook at least 1 meal out of this cookbook, poor Liam is always the one who ends up having to cook but I want to change that. I am hoping to carry on with the gym and get there 3 times once again and continue with losing the weight. Other than that the only other thing I want to achieve is actually getting out and sorting some blog pics out, I have been struggling lately but now I finally have some time.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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