Sidemen Clothing Wish List

I have fallen into the Sidemen trap, in fact I am now watching every videos they bring out on Sidemen Sunday's, the More Sidemen channel and their own channels. The content has me constantly laughing with their reactions and what they get up to, my favourite at the moment has to be their being parents for 24 hours video. Since watching them more often I have found myself loving the Sidemen clothing range too, every-time a video is released one of them is wearing an item I would love for myself.  So here is what I have got my eyes on...


I am absolutely loving shorts at the moment, I aren't sure if it because I am in the gym more or if it is just because they are so comfortable for lounging around in. I am after 2 pairs of shorts from the site one will be perfect for the gym and having a kick about whilst the other are great for everyday wear. 1st up we have the Crest activewear shorts which are in the sale at £15 (not a bad price at all), these are the pair I would love for the gym but most importantly football as I love the colours on them along with the strip down the side, they aren't too in your face. The 2nd pair are the Crest Lounge shorts which at full price are still only £22 which when you compare them to other brands are bad at all. They are perfect for everyday as they are subtle and in this grey colour they look pretty smart too.

I have to admit KSI is definitely one of my favourites at the moment so when I was on the site and saw this #TEAMKSI fight t-shirt on the site for just £10 I knew I would want it. The print really does remind me of the Dragonball style graphics and is definitely very Anime, plus it would be great to have for when the rematch finally happens.

One thing I struggle with every year is finding a jacket that will keep me dry but also cool if the weather is still a little warm, one brand who I always trust though is Nike so when I came across this Sidemen x Nike crest windbreaker my eyes lit up plus it is in the sale for only £36.00. This would be perfect for those cooler days when you need a coat thanks to the British weather, but it could also be used if I am out doing some football practise as it is bound to keep me dry. I love the colour on this and how the white detailing stands out from the blue.

Next up we have the taped t-shirt and hoodie, I love these and just fall more in love with them every time I see them.  I love how it just looks so simple yet the taped detailing makes the items pop. It gives me old school Umbro vibes. The t-shirt is £22 and the hoodie is £50 so I think for now I may just opt for a t-shirt and save for a hoodie.

To help me with my weighloss I want to go swimming, which would mean I would need a towel for once I was done. I guess that is the only way I can justify wanting this, but at £16 in the sale it isn't that bad, yes I know you can get them a lot cheaper but I love the logo on here and the colour of it.

Finally we have the Sidemen coaster set which is £12 you get a coaster with each of the members logo on it plus a crest logo. These would be perfect for the games room, as at the moment we only have a few Barcelona ones dotted around. It would just be hard work deciding whose logo I would want to use for myself.

I definitely need to grab a copy of their book too as for some reason I keep forgetting.

Do you own any Sidemen merch/ clothing? If so what have you got?

See you soon

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