Bathroom Wish List

It seems things in our house are just continuous now, we are putting the back garden on hold for now and even though we are half way through the spare room at the moment we are now looking at starting on the bathroom. All the bathroom suite has been picked out so now comes the fun part... picking the accessories. 

Photo from Next
I don't want a toilet roll holder attached to the wall so when I saw this one in Next I put it straight on the wish list. I love how you can have spares close by plus if it come in grey it is a big plus. I would need to check measurement but it should fit nicely between the toilet and the wall. 

Photo from Next
To go alongside this I love the matching bin, it is the right size for what we need it for and I think it looks really nice and simple too. The best part is that it is a pedal bin which I much prefer to the cheap looking plastic one we currently have. This is also from Next and is actually really affordable. 

Photo from Next
Finally from Next we have the matching toilet brush in grey, I just really want things to match so will be going with a grey, black and yellow theme I think as it keeps it all together and should look great. The toilet brush is also really affordable and won't take up too much room.

Photo from Argos
Next up we have a bath mat from argos in a grey geometric pattern. I love the colours on this and if fits the colour scheme perfectly, they also do matching towels for these which makes it even better in my opinion. I haven't had towels etc from Argos before, what is the quality like?
Finally we have some wire baskets from Primark, we have a bit of a walk in cupboard in the bathroom where I keep spares, towels and other little bits so I want to have a few of these in that cupboard to keep things nice and tidy. Most of our skincare items will be stored in a mirrored cabinet but these will be great for those items that we don't need daily. There shouldn't be a need for loads of these though as most items will be going into the spare room for when I do my hair. 

Now all we are waiting on is the our friend coming around to price up fitting the suite, cladding the room and knocking the wall out then we should be good to go. I really can't wait to get this room done as it is definitely one of the rooms that really drives me mad. Plus once this room is done we only need to do the hallway then we can have a break for a bit before finishing off the gardens and possibly redoing the kitchen. It is nice to see how everything is coming together and I will be doing a few bathroom posts to show the progress when things get started. 

Can you recommend anywhere for us to look at for accessories as this could all change by the time we get the room done?

See you soon,

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