Yet Another Primark Haul

The past few weeks I have been in and out of Primark quite a bit trying to add more of a variety into my wardrobe and actually find clothes that fit me now I am losing weight. It definitely hasn't disappointed and I have in fact picked up quite a few items that I usually wouldn't opt for.

First up these shorts aren't for me, they are actually for Liam as I stole his old ones for the gym as he picked up the wrong size. For £4 these really are a bargain and I can see them lasting him a while.

I picked up this mustard colour Vancouver t-shirt for myself. Never in a million years did I think I would wear this colour but for £2.50 I may as well give it a go. Even if I decide this isn't really for me at that price it can be used as a pyjama top.

Then we have what has become my favourite top. These basic £2 t-shirt are my favourites I usually go for the regular fit ones but I have pushed the boat out and gone for a slim fit one this time. I love them that much that I now have 2 in black and one in a grey colour. At £2 I will definitely be buying plenty of these even as my clothing size changes.

I have fallen in love with the Nasa range they are doing but unfortunately I haven't managed to pick up most of the pieces as they either aren't available locally or they don't have my size. But I did find this sweatshirt and instantly fell in love with it. It is my 2 favourite colours, red and black then it has the Nasa logo in silver but stuck out from the jumper a little bit. It is so simple yet stands out, I can't wait to get styling this.

Finally it is my favourite piece, this Nasa track jacket. I just love how retro it looks but I wont go into this too much as I am going to do a full post just on this jacket and styling it. 

If you see any more of the Nasa range in your local please let me know as I really want a lot more of this range. What have you got from Primark lately?

See you soon,

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