Last Week #37

Where has the decent weather gone? All it has been lately is wind, rain, hail and snow, I honestly thought we had seen the last of that for the year. It has also been absolutely freezing and for that reason alone I didn't do too much last week. Monday was our usual shopping day, Tuesday I went to the grandparents for tea with my sister. But other than that my week nights after work were spent relaxing and catching up on YouTube. Saturday I managed to get a few hours out with my mum to get some bits for when I go to the hospital but as usual I spent more on the nephew. We were lucky that by Saturday afternoon the rain had stopped which meant we were nice and dry for the football and we actually won for a change. Maybe things could be looking up for Bradford but I aren't getting my hopes up just yet. Sunday was a real relaxing day, we actually managed to have a lie in followed by doing jobs around the house and blogging for me. It was nice just staying in especially as all you could hear was the wind and hail battering the windows.  So here is what I had...

Been Watching: I have fallen into the trap of watching a lot more Hypebeast and Sneakerhead videos on YouTube alongside some organisational videos. I even got caught up on some gaming videos which I had been neglecting. 

Been reading : I still haven't started on the Hope Solo book, all I actually read last week were a few blogs.

Been listening to :  In terms of what I had been listening to last week I ended up falling into a Jonas Brothers trap and any background music has been filled by them.

Bought : I got far too much last week, I got plenty of bits for the nephew including stuff to put away for him I also managed to get my pyjamas for when I go into hospital.

Plans for this week : I need to try get some present shopping done as I am seriously running out of time. I am also hoping to pick up a few bits for the blog including a tripod, light box for taking images in and some photo editing software, I have really got my love for blogging back.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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