Fitness & Football Tech Wish List

Now I am back into the football and fitness routine I am wanting to upgrade some tech to go with my journey. The items will either help me monitor the improvements I am making or will help me prevent pain and injuries which will be perfect. 

One of the main things I want is a new set of scales, at the moment I am just using a set of weight watchers scales. However, I want to get some smart scales which ones I get will depend on which fitness tracker I get as I want everything to be compatible to make my journey easier and help keep tracking things in just one place. I currently have my eye on either the Fitbit scales or the Under Armour ones. 

As I mentioned above the scales will also depend on which fitness tracker I get, this is as I want all the info to be able to synch. My current fitness band is useless it was just a cheap one from Argos a few years back which doesn't synch half the time and the band doesn't stay on. At the moment I am torn between an Under Armour band or a Fit Bit Blaze/Versa, honestly though I am leaning more towards the Fitbit Versa, it will be nice to have something that can monitor my heart rate during work outs along with my steps throughout the day. 

Next up is a bit of a strange one, I actually really want a tens machine with the problems I have with my knee pain can get unbearable at times but I am learning to manage it a bit better. These machines pass a signal through the body to block out pain and release endorphins, I have actually been recommended this by quite a lot of people in the past including coaches and physio's so for £30 I think it is time to bite the bullet and pick one up. even if I just use it when the pain is bad after long training sessions I will definitely get my money worth.

The Playertek pack is a fairly new one to me and this will be used mainly for mine and Liam's football training sessions it uses GPS to measure 4 main components... total distance covered, top speed, number of sprints and sprint distance. This would definitely benefit me as I am trying to build my speed back up to how I was before injury and I am also trying to get my fitness back. This could also be helpful if I do start to play again as I can analyse my performances. The tracker captures and visualises all your movements and you can even join a leader board to compare against others including the pros. Who knows if I do start running too it can help me measure my speeds for this too and help me improve. It looks pretty simply to use too with a USB charger, you then just slot it into the vest you can get and start training, you can synch data wirelessly straight to your iPhone. 

So there you have it those are the items I am hoping to pick up to help me along in my fitness journey, do you want to see any of these items reviewed if so let me know in the comments or over on twitter. Fingers crossed I can pick up some of these items soon.

See you soon,

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