Ogden Water : Forgotten Gem

Most of our weekends are either spent just lounging around the house or going shopping. But last week we fancied something different, after getting ready for a day at the shops we changed our mind half way there and ended up heading to Ogden Water something we often forget is so close to our house. 

Liam has always wanted to go on walks up in the Dales but I needed to start off small due to my leg and still trying to get it moving more than usual without the pain, we have now found that Ogden is definitely the place for us to head for me to build up that strength and get used to walking again.

Unfortunately as we were originally going shopping we weren't really dressed for the occasion, suede trainers and mud don't mix too well and in fact I nearly slipped a few times and denim jackets are no good for the rain. Thanks to this we had to stay on the main path and we got around in just under an hour (I am glad it turned out this way though as the rain really came down just as we got in the car), the nice stroll around really made me want to get back out and go walking again so it did its job. In fact if the weather was nicer I think I would honestly have done plenty more laps enjoying the scenery and taking in the little streams and waterfalls.

Even though the car park was so busy we rarely encountered any one else but I guess they were on the other paths and not just doing a lap of the main path. It was so peaceful and quiet I can't wait to go back and explore more and just genuinely enjoy more time outside.

Now that I have been once I really want to make this a regular thing, which is easy to do, with it only being a 10 minute drive from ours, plus I really want to explore new places so once I get some walking gear, such as suitable footwear and clothing I will be looking for new places to visit for the build up to getting to the Dales (which I hope is soon). So if you have any recommendations on places to visit or clothing to buy please let me know.  Lets hope this benefits my knee in the long run and means plenty of adventures.

There are just so many amazing places we could end up, one of the reasons I love Yorkshire.

See you soon 

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