February 2019 Favourites

Well February absolutely flew by and it was a pretty busy month, it was my sisters 21st and a family friends anniversary so there were a few parties, there were a lot of football matches either watched on tv or I actually went to them. Plus the nephew is due any day now and I really can't wait to meet him (not bad to say I aren't keen on kids). So with the craziness of the month here is what I had been loving...

I have really found my love for trying new colours and new combinations of clothing this month. I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone a little and I think things are really working for me. I feel like I have been putting more effort into picking outfits out and I have only wore football shirts to games or lounging around in February which is a miracle. I have also found my love for trainers (sneakers) once again and have been wearing a rotation instead of just the same pair day in day out. One of my favourite clothing items this month has been my black denim jacket, with the weather warming up at certain points I have managed to wear this a little bit more. It keeps me nice and warm as well as being very versatile with the outfits I pick out. In terms of trainers I haven't really had a favourite but it has just been so nice mixing things up daily. 
There will be quite a bit more fashion coming up in the future on the blog as I have do many ideas I want to work on.

One of my overall favourite things this month was the fact I was able to go out and do my own little football training session this month and I think I actually did pretty well to say how long it has been since the last time I did this. There has also been a lot of football to watch including Man City women lifting the Continental cup which was definitely one of my favourite games of the month. It has been so nice just sitting down to watch plenty of games as it has given me plenty of enjoyment throughout February.

Health & Fitness
I have finally lost some more weight and that is something else I loved in February I actually sized down in the top I got for my sisters party which really made my month. Just seeing those little improvements is absolutely fantastic, it is also helping me gain that little bit more confidence. I also got signed off from physio during February, it has been a long drawn out process with plenty of ups and downs but finally some positive news, I know I am always going to be in pain because of the amount of damage I had done, but I now know how to manage it.

I have loved blogging throughout February and have fallen in love with the process all over again. I honestly believe this is thanks to the changes I have begun to make to it but I really hope this love for it stays as it has brilliant to just spend some time in front of a screen writing about things I enjoy talking about. There will be plenty more to come on here so don't forget to keep checking back daily as I have seemed to create a little schedule for myself. 
The final thing I have been loving is the fact we have finally started on the little room, it has been a long time coming and we still have a long way to go but it is so good to see there has finally been some movement. I can't wait to get to the stage of filling it with furniture and making it look just how I want it, I have so many ideas so keep an eye out for that plus I will be doing a tour once it is complete. 

So there you have it that is what I have been loving throughout February. I know it has been a pretty short post but I can't wait to carry on with these sort of posts throughout the year, I am sure they will grow as the month goes on so keep checking back to see more.

See you soon,

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