Football It's Not Just A Game

To me football has become way more than just a game. With the amount of years I have played the game and also watched it, my love and passion has grown. If I aren't at a Bradford game, I will be listening to it on the radio with the BBC sport app open in front of me following other games. If it is the middle of the week I will be keeping up with any games on or just checking up on news. In fact all my lunch breaks are filled with me checking BBC sport or Sky Sports News. We have just purchased Sky so I can watch more games, its an addiction.. its a way of life.

So why am I like this.. well to me football is an escape, an escape from the 9-5 and to somewhere that I just love to be. From the second I walk through those turnstiles everything else is forgotten. Whether that be a Bradford City game, Man City Women game or any other. Whilst that game is on you do nothing but support those playing whether they are winning or losing (more losing than winning this season cheers Bradford). Going and watching football games is also family time, me Liam and my Mum go to Bradford and both the parents come to women's games with me and Liam now which is good as it is something we can enjoy together.

It is also thanks to football I have so many great friends, I am in a few football group chats and even have one of my own (drop me a message/tweet if you would like to be added), it is just a place we can talk to fans from all over the world and share our thoughts on the game. It's so nice just having a place to talk to people who love the same sport as you plus it means the family don't have to listen to it as much, except for poor Liam. I am hoping it also leads to more friendships in the future and that I can meet some of these people who knows it may even be at a game.

Not only has football given me friends but it is where 90% of my inspirations come from. Tobin Heath and Ali Krieger are just some of those inspirations who have shown me although you get injured if you want it bad enough you can get back up train hard and make the dreams come true. They have both had there fair share of injuries but they work hard, get back on track and be the best they can be, they have the medals to show for it. They are actually 2 of the main reasons why I have started training again, they have made me realise if you love it work for it. Who knows if I will ever play again, but at least if I am training I am still doing part of what I love. 

The house is also filled with football memorabilia, we have signed shirts hung on the stair case, framed photos on the mantel (instead of family pictures) and the collection of jerseys is forever growing. FIFA is also my most played game on the PS4 and Xbox currently which just goes to show 24/7 my brain is football.

I am hoping that I can finally get signed up with the Man City Women's Supporters club soon as it is just something I keep putting off and I am also hoping to get to a lot more football games in the future, including finally going to America for a Pride game. 

Is football more than just a game to you? 

See you soon,

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