Driving : Love Hate Relationship

I passed my test back in 2013, but it was a long process to get there. One the way to my 1st driving test I was in an accident, a car hit us from behind whilst we were waiting to pull out at a roundabout and pushed us into one of the lanes (luckily nothing was coming towards us). This really shook me up obviously my test was cancelled and it took me a long time to get back behind the wheel again. In fact I actually went to see a psychiatrist for a while as any car journey was a struggle for me. But around 9 month later I forced myself back behind the wheel and I actually passed my test. 

My first car was a little Fiat Punto that got plenty of use as I had to drive to and from work but then it had a few issues and it was time to get a new car. So I opted for the little Suzuki Alto (in the image above) it had just over a year of daily journeys but then I went back to work with my dad who gave me a lift almost everyday, and now I live 5 minutes away from work and the car just sits on the drive way. The only time I drive it is when I go to my nannas for tea once a week, and that isn't exactly a long journey. 

The big reason I don't drive as much as I should is because the thought of getting behind the wheel makes me feel sick and I get myself worked up, that is why Liam does the driving on weekends and after work, yet when I get over the thought of driving and just force myself to do it I love it... but 90% of the time I can't get passed that thought so the car stays where it is. 

Another reason I struggle is due to a problem with my leg pressing the clutch used to be a real struggle and caused a lot of pain but now I have less pain and a stronger leg I should be able to do much more driving.

It is really annoying having the car just sat there and having to rely on Liam as I know I can be so much more independent and that is something I am hoping to achieve over the next year. I want to be able to just hop in the car go see family or go to the shops I just want that bit of freedom back.

My sister is having a baby any day now and it would be brilliant to just take myself to hers and see them both whenever I wanted and to take them on days out (when we work out how to fit everything into such a small car). It would be nice when the baby is a bit older to just take him out to the seaside or somewhere different and spend quality time together. So that is now what I am aiming for, I am aiming to get my confidence back and rack those miles up, who knows where it will take me.

I am giving myself a little incentive for this too, I have found myself lately looking at new cars and I have picked 2 out I would love to own, so if I can consistently drive myself around whilst saving up I may just treat myself in the next year or so to one of these.

images from www.autotrader.co.uk & www.jeep.co.uk

My first choice would definitely be an Audi A1 Sportsback, I have loved this car for so long and always find myself being drawn back to it. I just love its overall look and it is bigger than my current car which would make it more convenient if I was taking my sister and the baby out. You can actually get pretty good deals on these too so it could become a reality.

Now this next one would definitely take a lot longer to save for but I have loved it for so long (infact it may just be my dream car) and that is the Jeep Wrangler, I remember we drove passed one when I was younger and ever since then it was a case of yep I am going to own one of those one day especially one in black. I just love the overall look of them, although they do look a little out of place in the UK. One issue with this car is Liam really doesn't like them so I know he wouldn't want to go out in one.  

So fingers crossed I can get behind the wheel and get my independence back and who knows there may be a new car post in the future. 

See you soon

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