3 month fitness goal check in, are things going to plan?


Remember back in January when I set myself some fitness and weight loss goals? Well I am not sure how but we are already 3 months into the year so I thought for today's post we could do a little bit of a check in post to see how we are getting on with those goals as we approach the end of the first quarter of the year. So far 2023 is going by in the blink of an eye and I will be 100% honest I don't feel as though I am doing my best on my journey so far, I feel like the past 3 months have had more downs than ups in terms of overall progress and I am not too happy with that as I was hoping to be in a better place than I am in now but I guess it is just a learning curve and I know what to do better in the future. So here are how each of the goals I set for myself are looking 3 months into 2023, are we on track or do we have a very long way to go?...

End the year on 11 stone 2lb or as close to it as possible. 

Well I can easily say I am way off track with this one. In fact I think I am going to struggle to get into the 12 stone bracket by the end of the year unless I really up my game and make much better choices when it comes to my nutrition and actually getting workouts done. I am still hovering around the high 14's and low 15's at the moment so I am definitely behind where I wanted to be at this stage however, I know with a few changes I could get some pounds shifted in the next 3 months and hopefully see myself work towards this end of year goal and get as close as I can.

Be in a size 14 comfortably 

Now the scales might not be going in my favour at the moment but I must be doing something right as I am actually struggling to get clothing that fits at the moment. My size 18's are becoming far too big on me and in a few places I can fit into a size 16 jean even if they are a bit snug at the moment, I have even managed to get a few size medium t-shirts from H&M women somewhere that clothing has never normally fit me so I am definitely taking that as a win so far for the year. With 16's being a bit snug at the moment I would definitely say we are on track for the size 14's fitting comfortably by the end of the year. Fingers crossed this one keeps heading in the right direction.

Improve overall fitness

I am definitely starting to see a change in my fitness levels. They are certainly nowhere near where I would like them to be however, they are slowly improving. I even managed a full half of football which wasn't possible at the start of the year. Just seeing the small improvement over these 3 months is giving me hope that I will be in such a good place fitness wise by the end of the year. 

Improve overall strength 

This one is definitely not going to plan and I will be honest I am 100% owning up to the fact that this is all my own doing. I am not being consistent enough with my strength sessions so my body is not able to lift any heavy weights yet than what I started on at the start of the year. I am determined to change this though over the course of the next few months as I know if I just become consistent in my strength sessions and do both weekly I will certainly improve on my strength.

Run the inflatable 5K & a regular 5K

This one was always going to start after the first 3 months of the year and I will be kick starting my journey to achieve this goal in the next few weeks and lets just say I am really exited to give it a go. With the inflatable 5K being in June I should be able to tick half of this goal off by then, once that is done it will be a case of aiming to complete a full park run which is 5K without any issues. Let's hope by December both of these goals are ticked off and I am well underway with my running journey.

Go into the new year my healthiest

I am definitely feeling healthier so far this year but I know that I still have a long way to go. I really need to alter my nutrition to really go into 2024 at my healthiest yet as I am still going over calories most days and not hitting that much needed protein. This goal is definitely a learning curve to achieve it but slow and steady wins the race.

Get a treadmill

There has still been no progress made on the home gym so this one is once again not on track. Once that gym is built though the first thing I am planning on saving for is a treadmill as this will be the perfect addition for me and the goals I have for the future.

Decrease amount of takeaways we have & cook more

This goal has certainly been a bit hit and miss but we are getting there with it. Since getting the dog we have cut back on those unnecessary trips to Tim Horton's & McDonald's but the Just Eat orders have still been placed. We do seem to be cooking a bit more but I am still not happy with how this goal is going so I will definitely be working on it more over the next few months and hopefully by the next check in we will have seen some big progress.

Meal prep weekly

Oh look another goal that has been really hit & miss. I started the year off strong with this one however, since then things have gone downhill and I am not prepping like I should be. I know that if I got into the habit of this my progress would get so much better however, I have started to become a bit too lazy so I want to change that and by the end of month 6 I want to have really got better at this and missed minimal weeks.

Start waking up at 5.30 am 

I had high hopes for this one but I just haven't managed to get into the swing of things and thanks to longer nights with the puppy this has been a struggle, I am hoping to get this one moving once the puppy has settled down a bit but for now I am happy having with being up 1 hour than I have been previously and who knows the 5.30 am might be a permanent feature by the end of the year.

Incorporate stretching to routine

Since the start of the year I have got so much better with adding stretching into my routine and I am so grateful to myself for doing this as it has meant that my performance in football has improved and overall recovery time has got much better. This is something I have definitely got better with and want to improve up on and add more throughout the rest of the year before saying I have completed this goal. 

So there you have it that is how my goals for my journey are currently going, there is a lot I can improve upon and this check in has helped me just sit and reflect on what needs to change and how I can make better progress over the next few months to really get my journey for the year up and running. Now lets get some progress made and really push for a big change before the end of June. 

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