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I ended up forgetting to do my February new in post so today's post is a mixture of both February & March's new in items so it might be a bit of a long post. The budget really hasn't gone to plan for either February or March thanks to one big purchase that ended up with a lot of little purchases, turns out puppies really do cost you a fortune but I can't complain as he is well and truly part of the family now and is settling in brilliantly. The dog certainly took up plenty of our money the past two months however, I have also started making a few purchases for the house and for upgrading my wardrobe to start being able to achieve the style I really have in mind for my future self, let's just say it has been interesting trying on totally new pieces and experimenting with what works for me and what doesn't. So here is everything I have picked up in February & March...

Whilst in Home Bargains I really couldn't resist buying these two dog toys ready for the puppy arriving with us. These cost no more than £3 each so were perfect to start off his little toy collection although both have been absolutely destroyed already and need replacing, but at the prices they were I don't mind.

I also picked up a Scooby Doo ball from B&M for the dog as again this was cheap but I knew it was likely to entertain him and this has definitely done the trick as he absolutely loves playing with this ball although he does still jump when he gets it to squeak.

Another Home Bargains dog purchase and it is yet another toy for him. This tug of war rope was only 99p and so far we have had a lot of fun with this and it is the go to for tiring him out. I was going to buy an expensive version of this at first but at 99p this is doing the trick well and it is something we will always have for him.

We also ended up getting this Home Bargains blanket for the dog as at just £2.99 it is a much more budget friendly option and he loves it. He loves snuggling up in it and so far it hasn't been destroyed in the slightest, no doubt that will start to take place as he grows though but again at £2.99 I don't mind if we have to repurchase one of these.

my mum found this in B&M and we immediately decided this would be great for the warmer weather or even after muddy walks when those begin. We thought it was a bargain at £5 however, when it scanned through at just £1 it was even more of a bargain and should come in really handy once those walks start to take place.

We definitely don't need a cooling bowl anytime soon however, I have realised with the likes of Home Bargains that you need to get things when you see them or you risk never seeing them again. This again was only a few pounds so I have picked it up ready for the warmer weather we should hopefully be getting in the near future. I am definitely on the hunt for cooling things now so I don't get caught out later on down the line.

The dog is going to hate me at Christmas time but I really couldn't resist this Grinch headband from Primark as it was reduced down to 50p. I can just imagine him running round the living room with it on whilst we are getting the festive mood, is it bad I am already super excited for his first Christmas? I am sure it won't be the last of these kinds of purchases.

I am determined that 2023 is going to be the year where we finally get our back garden finished as it has been dragged out for far too long now. One thing I have wanted to add for a while now is some nice lights around the barriers we have on our decking and these rope effect ones seem to be perfect for the sort of these I would love to go for. I just hope I have purchased the right lengths. There will 100% be a lot more garden purchases in April's post as that will be a big focus plus I want some more relaxing lights for the garden fence.

I needed a bit of a restock from MyProtein and one thing I really needed was these glucosamine sulphate tablets which have been really beneficial since I first started taking them. My knee feels so much better since I started on these so I always make sure I have some to handy so I can keep up to them and have less pain in my knee for a change.

Whilst on the MyProtein website as per usual I got sucked into their clothing deals and ended up picking this set up which is labelled as a running set. As you all know I am doing the 5K in June and I think this could be the outfit I opt to wear however, at the moment it is quite a bit too tight so the aim is to have it as the perfect fit by the start of June, fingers crossed that goes to plan.

I seem to have a shortage of shorts in my workout clothing selection so when I saw these reduced I ended up adding them to my basket without a second thought. I will admit I wasn't too sure on the colour in person at first however, I love them, they are going to be perfect for those summer workouts and runs.

My dad actually treated me to this football and I am so glad he did as it is the perfect addition to my football collection. This ball is for the Women's World Cup that is taking place in July this year so there was no way I was missing out on this like I did the Euro 2022 ball. This looks great with the rest of my footballs in my home office, it certainly won't be getting kicked around.

Now I have to say I think these might just be the bargain of the year. We went into boots to see what perfume I liked and my mum found a load of sunglasses marked up at just £2 a pair, what makes them better though is that they were all designer sunglasses. I ended up with 3 pairs (1 is meant to be for Liam but I am sure I will wear them too) one is O'Neill, the other is French Connection but my favourite pair are the Karen Millen ones I picked up. I don't think I will get a bargain like this again this year at least.

The warmer weather is approaching which means one thing, no show socks are required. For the cost of these I decided that I would just get all news ones for the warmer weather this year and just throw out all my old ones that are a bit worse for wear. No doubt more will be required by summer but for now 10 pairs should do the trick or do I also near some grey ones?

I have realised that with my style changing I need to pick up some basics now too or layering or just for day to day wear and Primark has been my go to option as I don't want to spend a fortune with my size constantly changing. I have kick started the basic purchases by picking up a plain white vest ready for some Spring time layering, no doubt a black one will be the next purchase.

I also picked up a few pairs of sweatpants from Primark as I just wanted some nice basic pairs for lounging around in. I am spending a lot more time at home these days so comfort really is key especially if it is a long day sat working on blog content, jeans are a no go. I ended up going for two different grey pairs and they should do the job of providing comfort nicely.

When looking at the sweatpants I came across these sweatshirts so couldn't resist getting one of these too as again it will be perfect for lounging around in especially on those cooler days which we are definitely still going to have even as we progress into summer. Again this was under £10 so I don't mind if it gets ruined by the dog or if it doesn't fit after a few months as it is just a basic that doesn't cost a fortune to replace.

Finally I have got myself a gilet. After delaying the purchase for so long I ended up getting this one from Primark for just £12 to see how I got on it. It is safe to say I absolutely this gilet and there will be a lot more added as my size changes and expect loads more once I hit that goal weight as I have so many different styles in mind for what would work with the clothing I plan on opting for.

T-shirts form H&M women? Usually unheard of for me but for £5.99 you really can't go wrong with these two t-shirts. They will look great with some nice trousers in Spring especially if I teamed them up with some nice chinos. I think I am going to look for more t-shirts like this as they will also be great for summer with some nice shorts.

This is 100% a future purchase as there is no way I am a size 16 in Primark just yet but when I saw it in the sale I couldn't resist this pin stripe suit. The pants are long and wide some new I want to try and the blazer is perfect with the trousers or teamed up with other items so it really is going to be a versatile option for my wardrobe. Now I just need to fit into it.

I have really sarted making those changes to my wardrobe for Spring and my new style and this linen style shirt has been the perfect addition which I can't wait to get wearing and styling. It seems like such good quality from Primark and is a much more budget friendly option compared to some of the others I had looked at meaning I don't mind if it only lasts me this year.

It was certainly a spendy few months thanks to the dog however, we are slowly getting back to normal and getting back on track with our budget so fingers crossed April's new in post will only be filled with items I really need to upgrade or those essentials for getting jobs done, especially with the gardens being a big focus now the weather is changing.

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