If I could only buy a few new things this Spring, I would get...


I think I can honestly say that I am 100% looking forward to Spring this year. I am over the cold weather and I am ready to add some colour to my wardrobe at long last and spend plenty of time outdoors without having to worry about freezing as the winter was definitely a cold one. There will hopefully be plenty of little adventures this Spring thanks to the addition of the dog to the family but either way I want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather rather than being glued to my screen 24/7 as I am getting fed up of doing that all the time these days I want to balance my life better. 

I don't only want to get out more in Spring though, I am going to use the new season to experiment with a few areas in my life and hopefully work towards building the new style I am aiming for. I am going to try out some new clothing and just get in touch with the side of me I want to tap into more often and I think the new season is the perfect time to do that. With my journey I am on though I don't want to be spending a fortune on items if they aren't going to suit me or don't actually fit into what I envision that is why I am going to be limiting purchases to one item in each area, this should help me not only work out what I like or don't but also help me save a bit of money along the way, something I really need to do. 
So here is what one item I would purchase from each category to keep the budget on track and also give me the chance to experiment with what works for me...

The Gilet

I absolutely love this Holland Cooper country fleece gilet however, at £99 it would certainly be an investment piece for me which I am still not 100% sure about with my size constantly changing. I don't want to spend near £100 on a gilet if it isn't going to last a few years. This is the absolute dream purchase though as it would be perfect on the dog walks on cooler days and would love great for general day to day wear. I might not get this exact one this year and might opt for a cheaper alternative but watch this space as I am determined that once I hit my goal I am picking this gilet up along with other pieces from Holland Cooper. 

The shirt 

I love a good shirt all year round however, this Spring I want to get out of the checked shirts or thicker ones that I often wear and try something not only thinner but also smarter. I am going to aim for just the 1 shirt this Spring (no doubt I will probably not stick to this due to my love for shirts) and the shirt I aiming hoping to add to my wardrobe is this blue Oxford one from H&M. I love H&M's shirts and they are pretty cheap too at just £17.99. I already have plenty of different outfits in mind for this shirt so lets hope I can pick one up very soon, it will be perfect for work and those smarter days out. 

The Shoes

I am determined to not be wearing sneakers every single day throughout Spring however, to do this I need to actually go out and buy some nice shoes which will go with the style I am aiming to achieve. I seem to be gravitating towards a nice simple pair of loafers which will no doubt go with a lot of the outfits I have in mind and will be a nice smart alternative to a pair of sneakers. I already own a pair of chunky loafers which I absolutely love so fingers crossed a simpler pair will also do the trick.

The Sneakers

I know I have just said I won't be wearing sneakers all Spring however, sometimes you just can't beat a good pair of sneakers though and they can make an outfit look that little bit more casual. I tend to just wear my white Air Force 1's these days but I really fancy a change and it is these Adidas Samba's that jump out at me every time so I think it could be time to purchase a pair. The only issue is that these are really popular on social media so it is really hard to find them in stock. Fingers crossed I find some soon though as I love them.

The Jacket

I really need a new lighter jacket that is going to go with the new style I am aiming for and I will be honest if I can only add one into my wardrobe this Spring I really want it to be a trench coat. I just love how smart trench coats are and think it would love great with some nice trousers or even jeans if done right. My only issue is going to be finding the perfect one as due to my height and body size some could look absolutely ridiculous on me so I definitely need to shop around and try before I buy for one of these coats.

The Trousers

I am determined that for Spring I will have some of the H&M cigarette trousers as I absolutely love them. For just £17.99 these could be the perfect trousers for me and they look really smart. I would definitely get the colour in the image above for Spring but if I wore them enough I think I could easily get a navy pair ready for when the weather starts to turn for the worse again. I tried a pair of these on recently but they just didn't fit me but I am hoping that if I keep up as I am with my weight loss I will be in them in no time and ready to wear them as much as possible in the nicer weather.

The Tops

I am wanting to move away from wearing printed t-shirts daily and try to stick to nice simple t-shirts. Granted I don't want plain t-shirts daily I do want a bit of a pattern to go with some outfits and that is why I have my eye on these striped t-shirts again from H&M. These are just £5.99 so aren't too expensive if my size changes and I need a restock and will look great dressed up or down whatever mood I am in that day. I can see these becoming my go to tops too especially on the warmer days as they feel super soft and would look great even with some nice shorts.

The Fragrance 

All my current scents are pretty masculine and to be honest I think I am over that and want to give something a bit more feminine a try. There are so many great options out there at the moment and to be honest I am struggling a little to narrow down just which one I want to purchase however, after having a try of this Gucci Flora in Boots recently I am just a little bit in love and it could win the race to be my daily fragrance throughout Spring and possibly Summer if it lasts that long. The top notes in this were gorgeous and if the budget allows it I might be wearing it sooner than I think.

The Accessory 

Now my size is changing I am learning the importance of a good belt especially whilst I am trying to get my trousers to fit as long as possible however, I don't own many belts that actually fit so it is time to change that. The belts I do have are men's and are too thick for the majority of the belt loops on my trousers so I am on the hunt for the perfect thinner belt. I absolutely love this Ralph Lauren one which is also reversible which should mean I get even more value for money as it would go with plenty of outfits plus it looks fantastic due to how simple it actually is. 

The Skincare 

I really need to start taking care of my skin more often as it isn't in it's best condition at the moment. That is why this Spring I want to add one skincare item to my routine which is going to give my face a bit of a boost and help get it in better condition than it is currently in. This Origins hydrating cream has been on my watch list for a while now so maybe it is time to make the jump and purchase a tub at long last to see if it does make a difference, my only problem is it is definitely on the pricey side of things.

So there you have it if I could only have one item from each category this is what I would purchase. I am really hoping that during Spring I can get my hands on a few of these items as they would certainly help me out in terms of improving my style and wardrobe overall whilst giving me the chance to experiment a bit. 

What would be your first purchase from this list?

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