How we are budgeting for getting the home gym complete


It is almost time to get on with one of the most important jobs this year, well in my eyes it is one of the most important as it means I finally get my house back and it is also going to give me a bit of an escape. The gym build is going to be one of the best things for me as it means I can head out and workout in my own dedicated space without interruptions and I don't have to pull all the heavy equipment around as it will finally have its own place in the gym. This is definitely going to be the biggest, most expensive job of the year as it is going to involve dismantling the old garage structure and rebuilding a whole new one in its place which might give us a bit of extra room but will also help us in terms of ensuring the structure is water tight and warm not like the old one that was simply falling down. As I said earlier this is definitely going to be the most expensive job of the year that is why we have budgeted quite a lot of money to get this done, I am hoping that we can come in under this budget however, as things stand I don't really see that happening as the list of things needed just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. So here is how we have budgeted the money to get the works done...

For the build we have budgeted £2,400 this figure is definitely scary however, I am really hoping that we can get this cost down a lot more than we have budgeted for but I guess only time will tell as the list seems to be increasing rather than decreasing, luckily though we might be able to save a bit money by using our work connections but we will see. The £2,400 budgeted definitely has to cover a lot and one of the main things is going to be the wood for the structure, this is going to take up a big chunk of the budget but this needs to be built properly so it can withstand all weather scenarios we get here in the UK. Another big chunk will be on the cladding to go on the outside of the building just to make it look nicer than plain boring wood. The floor is going to need redoing as well so we are  going to have to factor in the cost of concrete for sorting this out but fingers crossed it wont cost too much. We are going to get a proper door for this space too which is nice and strong for if anyone attempts to break in, luckily though we know a few places where we could get a discounted one of these so it could save us a little bit of money to use elsewhere. We are also going to need a skip as the works begin as we need to get rid of the old structure and due to the size we are certainly going to need a large skip which is obviously a bit more costly. The new structure is going to need some form of drainage on it too but luckily due to the places we work we might be able to cut back on the cost of this a little bit and use what we save elsewhere, the roof is going to be felt too so we are going to need plenty of that and fingers crossed we can find it at a really good price. You can't have a gym without lighting either so we are going to need a good light source installed in here and some electrics running back to the house however, this should be pretty cheap as I can get these through work. We have also budgeted for a few tins of paint which should hopefully do for the whole room and give it the look I am aiming for. The final thing for the structure will be the gym flooring which is certainly not cheap but if it protects the equipment and myself I don't want to cut back on this area, I want it to complete the whole look of the area and tie it all together. There will be a bit of labour costed into here too as we are going to try do plenty ourselves but some bits are way out of our skill set so we are going to need a bit of help. 

Once the structure is up and secure it is time to get filling it, for the equipment I have budgeted around another £1,000 as I already have a fair bit of equipment however, there are still a few areas I want to improve on and there are some items I have been wanting for a very long time to help my fitness journey. The first item I have got my eye on is a treadmill which is going to take up a huge chunk of the budget but it will certainly be worth it as I have wanted one for so long. Another item I want to add is a small multi gym or squat rack but this is going to be dependent on the overall size of the gym, fingers crossed though as a multi gym would come in really handy and it would be one of my most used pieces I think. I also want a flat bench for workouts as our current one doesn't actually go completely flat but this can be found pretty cheap if you look in the right places. A pull up bar would be a nice cheap addition too granted I can't do a pull up at the moment but practice makes perfect right? Finally the budget involves the opportunity to invest in some new weights that are going to mean I can lift heavier as I am a bit restricted at the moment as the ones I have are really light. 

This budget is definitely a work in progress as it keeps on changing and the equipment might end up changing when I actually get the space built and see what is available to me or not in terms of areas where equipment will fit. The equipment won't all be bought in one go either, I will save up for bits as and when as I know this is a forever thing so doesn't need to be rushed. No doubt I will have missed something off this list but I guess we will see over time as the project starts to take shape. 

I just know I can't wait for a space to workout in and getting my house back rather than it being full of workout equipment.

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