The items that make up my Spring wish list...

Finally Spring is here and let's just say I am very ready for the warmer weather to start appearing as I am for once getting sick of being layered up, I just want to wear less layers and be able to go out and enjoy myself rather than freezing and getting soaked although no doubt I will be caught in plenty of Spring time showers thanks to where in the UK I am. As you will see this year my style and taste in clothing is changing and I said I was going to wait until I got to my target weight to start changing my wardrobe to suit the style I want to achieve however, I am sick of putting it off as I need to change my mindset around this, why not experiment and be me whilst I am on my weight loss journey still that way I can get a feel for what works for me and what doesn't. 

With the new season approaching I would love to experiment with my new style a bit and start purchasing pieces that will compliment the season and possibly work well in Summer too. Granted the clothes might not fit me next Spring but other pieces could be a bit of an investment that last me years if I go for the right quality of the items. So here are the items that have made it to my Spring wish list...

As I am losing weight I know I require a belt a lot more often and to be honest I should have been wearing one for a long time as they help add an extra element to your outfit overall. The belts I currently own are all from the men's department and are quite chunky so won't fit through the loops of the trousers I am wanting to purchase. I really need to get myself a thinner belt and this reversible Ralph Lauren one is standing out to me the most. I love how smart yet simple this looks and think it would be great all year round but more specifically it will look great with the smarter trousers I want to purchase for Spring. At £69 I would like to think it would last me a while but as I am on my fitness journey only time will tell I guess.

All my fragrances are pretty masculine or just cheap dupes of other fragrances, I even have a fair few celebrity ones in my collection however, I don't fully love them like I once did. I haven't had a real favourite fragrance since my Tom Ford Black Orchid ran out (I still need to replace this) and I want a more feminine one especially for the Spring weather. So far Gucci Flora is winning the race however, I do want to head to the shops to have a try of a few other ones to see which I love the most. I am really going off those masculine scents so who knows what I am going to end up with but a nice new Spring fragrance is a must this year.

I am determined that I won't be wearing sneakers all Spring, I really want to mix up my footwear and with some of the styles I am aiming for I would love to pick up a nice pair of ballet pumps, granted these might take some getting used to as they are totally different to my usual footwear but I think they would be a nice change and make the outfits I am planning on putting together look a lot smarter. I will definitely be shopping around to see the best I can find on a budget at first so I can see if they work for me however, if they do I will be investing in some more expensive ones that would hopefully last longer.

After buying a pair of chunky-ish loafers for the festive period I have fallen in love with the style of shoe and I really want to add some more into my footwear rotation. I think for the Spring I would like to pick up some more that aren't on the chunky side and look a little bit smarter. These really would be perfect for the office and for those smarter days when I am out and about.

Of course I aren't going to cut out buying sneakers all together as I love them far too much and that is why I have my eye on a pair of the viral Adidas Samba's. I love these as they look like a much smarter sneaker than I am used to and thanks to the colours they will go with a lot of my wardrobe. The hardest part is certainly going to be getting my hands on a pair as they are selling out in no time. These will be a great alternative to my white Air Force's though and just make a nice change.

My old Primark all white sneakers have lasted me around 3 years, which isn't bad for a £12 price tag however, I think it is time to upgrade them to a new pair as they are looking a little worse for wear. I think I might see if Primark have them in stock again this year or I might even have a look around for a more expensive pair but either way a new, fresh looking pair of all white sneakers is heading to the top of the list for this Spring.

I never really thought I would be putting this on a wish list however, as I am thinking about the style I want to achieve I keep going back to leggings. I would love a nice pair of leggings for work during the Spring as the office is still quite cold. I could style these so many ways and I am definitely going to intensify the search for the perfect pair, I have so many items these will already work well with so fingers crossed I can find a pair.

Every time I am on the H&M website I seem to end up looking at their cigarette trousers at £17.99 these are pretty inexpensive and come in a nice variety of colours. These would definitely be perfect for work and with the colours on offer I could get a few pairs to go with a variety of items I already own or intend on purchasing. These just look so smart for the price tag and I could see me getting plenty of wear out of them on a day to day basis as they look like a comfier alternative to jeans.

I love a good pair of chinos at this time of year and this year is no exception. My mum even said the other day ' Marks & Spencers have their chinos out if you need any' they have been my go to place for buying them for years and that won't be changing any time soon. I definitely want a few better fitting pairs this Spring as I have lost weight since I lost wore the ones I have and they are a bit too baggy. Now I just need to sort out what colours are going to be best for me this time around.

I am loving stripy tops these days yet I don't own any yet. That is changing this Spring though as I think a few of these could become most worn items in my wardrobe. I would love a few in different colours and in both short sleeved and long sleeved versions so I have options for if it drops cooler too. I will definitely be picking up a few different colours of these as they will just add a bit extra to a basic outfit without breaking the bank. With chinos or smarter trousers these could love really good I think.

I need to restock on my basic t-shirts too as I only currently have black ones which I am determined now to be wearing all Spring as I want to add a bit more colour to my outfits this time around. I will be getting stocked up on more white ones and then seeing what other colours I can work into my wardrobe well. I am determined to start brightening up my outfits a bit more. 

My wardrobe is overflowing but it is missing one big thing in my opinion... a blue oxford shirt, this is something I have put off buying for a while now but I think now is the time I make the purchase. Granted I have my eyes on a Ralph Lauren one but there is no point getting one of those yet as it is too expensive whilst my size is constantly changing. H&M do some nice ones though and this is perfect for day to day wear as it looks smart without being overly smart.

I have been loving watching peoples reels on Instagram which have included a blue striped shirt so after much internal debate I am determined to add a much better fitting one into my wardrobe as my Primark one purchased around Christmas time is already far too big on me and although over-sized can look good it is far too over-sized. Again it is H&M that are winning me over the most with their options so expect to see one picked up from there soon.

I am wanting to try something different this Spring/Summer, I would love to pick up a few linen shirts for both work and day to day wear as I am loving some of the options around on the high street at the moment. As the warmer weather approaches I would definitely love to add a few different colours into my collection white white, blue and possibly beige or a sandy colour at the top of my wish list.

I absolutely love a good blazer and to be honest due to my previous style I have stuck to black ones in my wardrobe however, that is 100% going to change this Spring. I am on the hunt for the perfect lighter coloured & lighter material blazer that I can style on those cooler days. The one in the image above would certainly be ideal for me however, I wont be stopping there as I would also love a light grey one and who knows what other colours.

I only own windbreakers and although these will be great for plenty of outfits especially on those football weekends, they certainly aren't going to go with the new smarter style I am aiming for. I definitely need a new coat/jacket for the cooler weather and I love these short trenches and think they would work well with the style I am aiming for in the future. I don't want to spend a fortune on one though as I know it might not last too long due to my weight loss journey so I will be searching for the perfect one on offer. Fingers crossed I end up finding one I love as I could see me getting plenty of wear out of it as the weather gets better.

I might want a short trench coat but I also really want to add a long one to my wardrobe. I don't know why but I absolutely love the trench coats and can think of plenty of ways I would style it, I need to be careful though as due to me being so short this could easily look terrible on me so I need to have a good shop around to find the perfect one. There are plenty of colour options out there too so who knows what one I will end up with if I find one that really suits me. 

My current denim jacket is now miles too bit for me and I am a bit annoyed as it was by far the best I have had in a long time, I guess if Primark have them back this year I could always resort to picking up a new one however, I think I want to shop around and see if I can find a bit of a better quality one but again with the weight loss another Primark one might do the trick until I hit my goal and my size settles down a bit.

Finally on the wish list we have a lovely green gilet. I totally blame this on YouTube as I have seen this Holland Cooper one advertised on there so many times so I think it might be time to have a look at investing in one. Granted this is an expensive purchase especially with my size changing however, I would love something like this for dog walks on cooler days. I might look for a cheap one in the time being but when I am happy with my style and size this Holland and Cooper one is definitely off into my wardrobe probably with a few other items from the site too, I guess I best get saving.

I am no longer putting off changes due to my weight loss journey, I might as well use this time as I work towards my goals to experiment with what I want to achieve and what works for me and what doesn't. All I know for now though is that I am so ready to make these changes and I am really looking forward to seeing what works for me and just how different my style becomes over time. Granted there will be a bit of a mix of the style as I work on my wardrobe plus this isn't going to be me 100% of the time for a while yet as I do like my more sporty looks too but I am looking forward to picking up some of these items and really finding my own style.

What item is the top of your Spring wish list? 

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