My 2023 fitness and weight loss goals


I said since towards the end of 2022 that my big focus for 2023 is going to be my fitness & weight loss journey as that is the area that I want to improve on the most. I made plenty of progress on my journey in 2022 however, set backs stopped me from achieving my full potential. I have got my act together though and going into 2023 I am more focused on my journey than ever and I seem to have gone into the year with my head well and truly screwed on with a vision of where I want to be by the end of the year. I have gone into the year setting goals that are smaller and more realistic than goals I have tried setting in the past. I am hoping that by setting these smaller goals I am more focused on them and have more of a chance of actually completing them by the end of the year. So here are some of the fitness and weight loss goals I am setting for 2023...

End the year on 11 stone 2lb or as close to it as possible. 

This is a big one for me, I would love to see the scales start moving in 2023 as they didn't move as much as I would have liked in 2022. I have set myself a goal of reaching as close to 11 stone 2 lb's by the end of the year as this would mean I am a grand total of 5 stone down on my journey since I started back in 2020. I know that by making better food choices and getting all my workouts done I am more than capable of getting as close to this number as possible and if not beyond it. Then it will be a case of reevaluating to see if I want to continue losing weight or maintain where I am at, but in that scenario only time will tell.

Be in a size 14 comfortably 

In 2023 I want to finally be in a size 14 comfortably, at the moment I am really in between sizes however, I want to comfortably in a size 14 in a variety shops rather than just one. I have set this as an end of year goal however, I think if I really put my mind to it I could do this before the end of the year and maybe get further than expected. This could be a hard one as sizes are different in all the shops I go in however, I am more than determined to smash this. 

Improve overall fitness

This is going to be a big one for me especially as I am now back at football and want to keep it up throughout the year. My fitness levels at the moment are absolutely terrible and I really struggle in games however, the plan is to massively improve on this by the end of the year and especially by the time the new season rolls around in September/October time. I want to be able to run around the pitch without really struggling and I know that overall my life would be improved so much if I could just get those fitness levels increased.

Improve overall strength 

I keep joking that I have noodle arms and to be honest my upper body strength doesn't exist and never really has done. I really want to improve on  my strength this year both upper and lower body wise as I know it could be great for the football and also just prove to myself I can lift heavier than I have been doing and just feel stronger overall. I will be monitoring this by tracking all my weights workouts and pushing myself to improve on what I lift rather than being scared to up the weights.

Run the inflatable 5K & a regular 5K

I am booked in to complete the inflatable 5K in June so lets hope everything goes to plan and I can get there and get that goal ticked off however, I also want to challenge myself to do a regular 5K too, no funny obstacles in the way just 5K of running, this could either be a 5K alone or as a Park Run (which I want to to try). Either way though I will be running at least one 5K in 2023 and I can't wait, we are getting a little training plan together for it and it should be a lot of fun.

Go into the new year my healthiest

I can 100% say that I went into 2023 my healthiest yet however, I want to improve on that massively in 2023 and make sure that when I enter 2024 I am going to be the healthiest version of me in a long time. I know that if I start getting a routine of hitting every workout and eating a lot better then this will be no issue at all and I will see myself as much healthier than I currently am. It is all about those habits and making sure the daily nonnegotiable get done.

Get a treadmill

I am on countdown to getting the home gym done so we can get our house back rather than it being over run with workout equipment. Once the home gym is done I will be planning on picking up a treadmill for in the room so that I can get those steps in and those runs done even when the weather isn't the best. A treadmill has been on the wish list for the longest time now so 2023 will be the year we finally get one.

Decrease amount of takeaways we have & cook more

In 2022 we were terrible at being lazy and just ordering in food rather than cooking our own. I look back on the year now and wonder how much progress I could have made if I just cut back on the takeaways and got up and made something myself. I am determined to see a lot less takeaways being purchased in 2023 and actually spending more time in the kitchen making more nutritious foods for me and Liam. This is going to help me achieve so many goals over the course of the year and who knows I might end up finding different foods I really enjoy.

Meal prep weekly

This ties in with the cook more goal however, this is a big one for me. When I don't take lunch to work I head to Tesco and spend a fortune on unhealthy lunches but I know if I spend an hour or so on a Sunday just making my lunches then I will not only save money but I will also be eating more nutritious foods that will keep me feeling full for longer. I am looking forward to playing around with the foods I take for lunches and adding more variety to my diet.

Start waking up at 5.30 am 

This is something I have tried in the past and absolutely loved so I am going to be aiming to wake up at 5.30 am daily to give me a bit more time in the day to allow me to get done everything I want to do. I would use the extra few hours to get up do my morning routine and get my workout ticked off all before properly starting my day to ensure it is done and not being skipped meaning the evenings were free for me to do whatever I like rather than trying to cram everything into just a few hours like I am currently doing. When I have done this in the past it has benefited me so much so I am aiming to get this as a daily habit to see just how productive I could actually be by hitting targets early on in the day.

Incorporate stretching to routine

Previously I have never thought about the benefits of adding stretching into my daily routine however, since getting back to football I think my eyes have been opened up to just how much I could benefit from having 10-20 minutes set aside to stretch my body and make sure I am looking after the muscles that have been used a lot more often. I am going to aim for 2 longer stretching sessions a week but also try do some shorter sessions daily just to stop my body suffering like it has in the past.

There are a few goals that I haven't posted on here as I want to keep them private however, I will definitely be keeping these in mind alongside the ones in this post and everything I do daily will be to work towards these goals and achieving them by the end of 2023. I am really hopeful of how much progress I can make this year and I am looking forward to checking back on this post at the end of 2023 to see just how much I actually achieved. I have a funny feeling that 2023 could be a fantastic year on my journey so lets see where it takes us. 

Do you have any fitness related goals for the year?

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