February 2023 Fitness Update


Well that is February over and done with and what I hoped was going to be a month of turning points for me didn't really go to plan and instead I have seen another month with a gain and old habits creeping back in. I had big plans for the month and then life got absolutely chaotic as per usual and things didn't happen as I wanted and I turned to comfort eating which I know I need to stop doing. So here is how my February goals went...

Lose 5lb 

As I said at the start of this post I have seen another gain this month which honestly I aren't happy with but it wasn't a huge gain so I know with a bit of hard work this could soon be back off and if I change habits that crept back in March should be a much better month for me and that is how I am planning to change from a gain to a loss in March, implement much better habits.

Increase weights slightly in sessions 

I will be honest I barely did any weights sessions in February due to the lack of time I actually had, plus poor planning on my behalf which I am trying to change and ensure that from now on I am planning my time to allow all my workouts to completed and rescheduling to be avoided as when I reschedule I end up not doing them at all. Once I am consistent in my workouts I can start to increase my weight as my body will be more comfortable in the exercises etc and I won't be putting my body under too much strain and more than it is capable of.

Meal prep weekly 

There were a few weeks where this didn't happen so I would say I half completed this goal for the month. When I did prep my lunches for work though I felt great and so much more energy than if I was buying meal deals. I noticed a change with my body when doing this too as it just felt like it was just functioning a lot better than when it was being filled with processed foods. I really do need to get into the habit of meal prepping for every lunch as I know just how much it benefits me plus it will help me save some money in the long run.

7K steps daily 

I can happily say I absolutely smashed this so much so that I have now had my daily steps increased to 8K a day. I honestly thought I would struggle with this one as my month was chaotic however, I really focused on this and I am really starting to feel the benefits and just feel so much better for moving a lot more. Let's hope I can smash the 8K a day target I now have set.

2 ltrs water daily 

Oh look another goal I have absolutely smashed. I have actually been doing 3 litres or more most days and my giant water bottle goes everywhere with me to ensure I am consistently hitting this target and getting the benefits from staying hydrated. Getting my water in daily is no longer an issue.

Hit every weights session 

As I said earlier this one didn't go to plan, due to life getting very busy however, I know what needs to change now to make sure I am doing this from now on. I spent too long being unprepared in February and that mean I was rescheduling sessions that ended up just never being done which really slowed down any progress I could have made. I am determined to change this around though and be much better prepared.

Get workout clothes organised

I still haven't gotten around to sorting out my workout clothes but I am definitely making this a priority for March. I am a bit overwhelmed when it comes to picking an outfit to wear for a workout so I want to go through and clear out what I don't wear and what doesn't fit so I can pick an outfit much easier that actually fits and I can get straight on with working out rather than having to find new items that actually fit me.

Try 1 new meal a week 

I did quite well with this one and actually tried a fair few new meals and I have to say I enjoyed it and I will be keeping up with this as something I try to do more often as it was nice having different meals weekly rather than the same old things over and over again which as happened for years. The new meals are allowing me to try different foods and vary my diet that little bit more, it is also helping me try overcome my fussy eating which is causing a bit of an issue lately as I am sticking to unhealthy foods and not having enough fruit & veg in my diet.

Get out on more walks 

Unfortunately this one really didn't work out for me due to being so busy, I think we only managed to get one long walk done throughout the month as our weekends were just filled up with football or going out and about. I would love to squeeze more long walks in over the next few months especially with the weather starting to change as I always feel better after an hour of fresh air and getting moving. 

So here is how the scales looked in February...

Beginning of February weight: 14 stone 13 lb 

End of February weight : 15 stone 0 lb

Total loss for the month : - + 1lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in March...

- Lose 6lbs 

-Hit all my strength sessions

- Meal prep every week 

-8K steps daily 

-Reduce amount of takeaways during month

-Boxing session every week possible

-Declutter workout clothes

-Complete monthly challenge 

I am determined that March is going to be a much better month that January and February where things just haven't gone to plan, these goals are definitely 100% achievable if I really put my mind to it and remember exactly why I am on this journey. It really is time to take it all a bit more serious now and fingers crossed by doing this I will be seeing a fair bit of progress by the end of the month which I think will only inspire me to continue and really keep pushing, I am a long way off the goals I have set myself for the year so it is time to step it up a gear now and see what the month holds. Time to get those good habits in order ready for what is going to be a busy month. 

Total loss for 2023 : + 2lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 2 lb

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