The February Challenge wrap up & what is on the cards for March

Well after having high hopes for February I can honestly say the month did not go to plan at all especially in terms of my monthly challenge which never even got started. The challenge for February was 30 minutes on the punch bag every day and I remember saying I thought this was going to be the easiest monthly challenge of the year when in fact that couldn't have been further from the truth as there just didn't seem to be enough hours in the day throughout the month and I was struggling to fit even the simplest of tasks into my packed schedule and there definitely wasn't time to be pulling the punch bag out each day, doing half an hour, then putting it all away again. As I say though February was chaotic with so much happening and in the end the month just ran away with itself and now here we are at the start of March and catching up on what I didn't have chance to do in February, I already feel like I am starting the month on the back foot due to just how bad February was. I have to say I am pretty disappointed that the month didn't go to plan as I was really hoping that my love for boxing and just hitting the bag would mean the month was the best for the challenge but it just wasn't meant to be and I think I am actually going to give this another go later on in the year as I want to see just what benefits, if any this challenge would actually provide for me and the journey I am on. Let's hope that next time around I can get those 30 minutes in daily and I can say I successfully completed the punch bag monthly challenge.

Enough of the failure that was February though it is now time to move onto the new monthly challenge for the 31 days of March which is going to be a yoga session every single day and this should go a lot more to plan than the previous month as I am structuring my days much better. March is going to be another busy, chaotic month however, I am hoping that planning my days better is going to allow me a bit more free time each day  and I am hoping that the daily yoga will just help me switch off and relax so I don't feel the strain of the busy month and aren't ending up running on an empty tank by the time the 31st of March rolls around. Yoga is something new I have wanted to try for a while now but I haven't had the chance to really give it a go so who knows by the end of March I might have a new form of exercise that I really enjoy, fingers crossed this is the case and I don't hate it a week into the challenge. 

There are so many benefits to yoga that I have read about so I am hoping I can start to feel a few of them. Apparently it can help your respiratory system, something I could always benefit from improving as my asthma can randomly act out and cause me problems when just slowly moving around so with me working out more and getting more into my football again my breathing could use all the help it can get so fingers crossed this is a benefit I start to notice. It should help my performance at football too as my breathing could improve, but it could also mean my muscles get stronger and recover better ready for my next training session which could be either strength focused or entirely football focused. I have also heard it is good for injury prevention so fingers crossed that can also take place and I don't get as many little niggles in my muscles as I have been getting. What is that saying 'prevention is cheaper than the cure', well if I can prevent a possible injury that would be great as I don't fancy a spell on the sidelines injured. 

I am actually really excited for this monthly challenge as it is something I have always wanted to try and as I said earlier it might help me find another form of working out that I really enjoy. There have been so many people who have told me just how good yoga can be so it is finally time for me to have a go for myself and see if it is as good as they say and if it can benefit my body at all, fingers crossed it does. Let's hope that this month goes a lot more to plan than February did and that I can really get into the challenge and tick off everyday like I did with the alcohol free month in January. It is time to get moving on this fitness journey and really start to see the benefits, no more slacking. It is going to be a busy month but a plan is in place and I am ready to use the yoga as a form of an escape so I can switch off from the world for 30 minutes a day and just de-stress and focus on my body for a change. 

Let's see if I notice any changes by the end of the month, fingers crossed I do.

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