Starting to do monthly challenges to help me work towards my goals


2023 is the year where I become a lot more consistent within my fitness & weight loss journey, I showed myself just what I was capable of in 2022 and I am determined to build on that this year and make some real good progress towards achieving my goal weight target as well as improving my overall health and fitness. This year though I am planning on adding something into my day to day routine that is going to keep aiming for these goals enjoyable and also push me a little bit more than I pushed myself in 2022. What I am going to be adding are monthly challenges so for each month of the year I will be aiming to complete these little challenges which will be months of daily activities that are either going to help me towards my journey or just get me trying new things that are going to benefit me overall. So here are the monthly challenges I am planning on doing throughout 2023:

Month of closing all the rings on my Apple Watch

Run 1 km daily

30 minutes on the punchbag daily 

30 minutes of jump rope daily 

Month of no alcohol

Month of 10,000 steps a day

Month of yoga daily

Month of so many keepy uppys a day

Walk so many km's in one month

Read x number amount of books in one month

30 minutes on exercise bike daily 

Month of cold water exposure daily

I haven't decided the full order of how I am going to do these challenges but what I am going to do is try do them based on the weather too so I aren't outdoors getting soaked in the cold month doing challenges which would be better suited to months filled with better weather, it really is going to be all about the planning however, I am very positive about how I am going to get on with these challenges and I think they are going to make the year and working towards my goals that bit more fun. There are a few challenges that I am more excited for others but to be honest I think in the end I am going to end up enjoying all the challenges by the time each month is up. 

To kick off this year though we are stating with a month of no alcohol. To be honest I don't drink much but when I do my body really doesn't like the effects it leaves plus I know that by cutting it out like I have previously I can make some big progress towards my weight loss goal. I did quite a few months in 2022 where I didn't touch a drop of alcohol and overall I felt brilliant but then as my birthday came around I ended up drinking again and then just dipped in and out of drinking throughout the remainder of the year. As I said I know that by detoxing for the first month of the year I am going to be working towards making a big start to my goals for the year and I honestly think by doing this for the first month of the year I could end up continuing this for many more months as once I stop I don't feel the need to get back to it in a hurry. 

So that is month ones challenge, at the end of the month I will be doing a wrap up of the progress for each monthly challenge, if it went to plan, if there were any struggles and of course that wrap up post will also introduce the following months challenge ready for me to get cracking with them. I am really hopefully that these challenges will help me progress and I can't wait to see how I do with them and which ones really go to plan and which really push me. For now though it is time to get through this month of no alcohol.

What would your first monthly challenge of 2023 be?

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