The books I really want to read this year


I have set myself a bit of a reading goal this year as I am determined to use some time each day just to switch off and relax whilst also learning new things like how to manage my confidence, work rate. I already have a fair few books on the bookshelf that are going to help towards this reading goal and help me basically level up my life. I don't just want a year of reading self help books though, I also want to read some of my women's football related books which are mainly autobiographies from some of my favourite players of all time and lets just say that collection of books is growing very nicely. So here are some of the books I am absolutely determined to finish by the end of the year...

Alex Scott : How not to be strong

I got this book on release day and I have only just got around to starting reading it which I am a bit annoyed at myself for as I said I would be reading the second it arrived, but I guess like everything else I set out to do nothing goes to plan. Scott was one of the first female players I ever saw play a long time ago now and she will always be one of the best defenders in my eyes so I am really looking forward to sitting down and getting lost in this book all about her life on and off the field.

Beth Mead : My journey to glory

Beth Mead is one of those players currently playing that I really just can't get enough of. Since being left out of the Olympic squad she has been on what fans call a revenge tour and WOW she has really stepped up her game. I am really looking forward to reading all about her life on and off the pitch as I think this book is going to be an interesting read and give me a bit more of an insight into one of my current favourite players. 

Christine Sinclair : Playing the long game

Christine Sinclair is by far one of the greatest women's footballers of all time and at 39 years old she is still playing, something you don't see too often. She has definitely had a long career, with breaking records along the way so I can't wait to sit down and get lost in the book all about her life on and off the pitch as I think it will be a very interesting read. I honestly think I could end up binge reading this book and completing it in the shortest amount of time as it could easily be the one I am most looking forward to.

Shoe Dog 

This book is a memoir by the creator of Nike, one of those brands I have always loved and it has just been sat on my bookshelf for far too long. I am determined that 2023 is going to be the year I finally read this book as it has been recommended to me far too many times yet due to my lack of reading I keep putting it off. I am really looking forward to getting an insight into my favourite company and seeing how they grew into what they are today.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Oh look another book that has been sat on my bookshelf for far too long unread but I am 100% going to change that this year. I have been told that this book is one that is great for self improvement and that I can really learn from. Self improvement is going to be a big area for me in 2023 and honestly it is going to be any little helps so I am looking forward to seeing what this book has to offer.

How to win friends & influence people

This book is actually one of Liam's but I am planning on stealing it to see if it others any takeaways that I can use in my day to day life. This is another book that has been recommended to me a lot of times now and I have only just found out Liam owns so it has gone straight on my TBR pile and I am determined by the end of 2023 I will have read cover to cover. If the reviews are correct I think I might end up learning a fair bit from this.

I am determined to finish all these books this year before picking up any new books from the shops or working through the rest of the books just sat gathering dust on our bookshelves and let me tell you there are a lot of those. I am really hoping that the self help books I am wanting to read and purchase in the future are really going to help me level up my life as I am planning on doing. It is time to educate myself more and get back into reading as it is something I once loved and I could learn to love once more.

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