December 2022 fitness update

Here we are the final monthly fitness round up from the  year of 2022. To be honest overall 2022 has been a great year in terms of my fitness and weight loss journey however, December was definitely a challenge for me, I got ill in the middle of the month and that meant I wasn't able to workout and to be honest my diet wen totally off track too which I am a bit mad at myself for but as you will see later on in the post I have actually made progress even with the challenges thrown at me. So here is how the final month of 2022's goals went...

Go boxing every week that it is on
Unfortunately this is one thing that really got derailed thanks to the illness, I only actually managed to get to 1 session in December and I will be honest it has just made me more excited to get back in 2023. I am so ready to smash every Wednesday session I can get to as this is definitely helping me progress on my journey.

Get workout clothing sorted out
My workout clothing drawer & storage box is getting a little bit out of control at the moment and to be honest I am not even sure a lot of it even fits me still it is really that long since I last went through it. This never got done in December due to me being ill so I will be rolling this onto another month in 2023 when I have some free time to sit and go through things properly.

Lose 5lbs
I got so close to this goal, I am quite proud of managing to get a 3 lb loss with what the month was like, to only be 2lb away from that goal with all the challenges is pretty good going in my eyes and just goes to show me going into the new year what I am capable of. If I can do that well when ill I wonder what I can do when I am felling 100%.

Football training every Monday it is on 
Again this is another goal that fell foul to the illness. I managed one or two sessions but then the illness took over and I was done for the year. I am so ready for the 2023 sessions to begin as I am missing kicking the ball around far too much already.

Play football games every week they are on (if picked for team)
In the end we only had one game during December and I managed to play in it so I can say I actually completed a goal this month. The game was a well fought draw and was honestly a pretty good end to 2022, now I just can't wait to get playing in 2023 as the season is going well so far.

Enjoy the festive period but don't go overboard
I think from the fact I have actually made progress in December I can say that this is another goal I can say has been completed in December. I have managed to lose weight whilst not restricting myself with alcohol or food over the festive period. I have certainly eaten and drunk well throughout December but it is time to get back to routine now.

So here is how December looked on the scales...

Beginning of December weight: 15 stone 0 lb 

End of December weight : 14 stone 11 lb

Total loss for the month : - 3lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in January...

- Lose 7lbs
- Increase the weights lifting slightly in sessions
- Meal prep weekly
- Only 2 meals out or takeaways in month
- 7K steps daily
- 2 litres of water daily
- Complete every session scheduled for each week

So there you go those are the goals I am aiming for in January, with a 16lb loss overall in 2022 I am so proud of the progress I have made now it is just time to build on that loss and absolutely smash 2023, I know just what I am capable of so fingers crossed everything goes to plan. Hopefully by December 2023 I will be a lot further into my weight loss journey and be closing in on that goal weight.

Total loss for 2022 : - 16 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 5 lb

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