The big goal rewards I am aiming for on my fitness journey...


As I am on my fitness and weight loss journey I have noticed I am more likely to really push and achieve something if I have a bit of an incentive in front of me, these are usually in the form of rewards that I might otherwise put of buying, if it is something I really want I am more likely to work harder towards it. In the past my rewards have always been really random however, this time around I am wanting to make sure that the rewards are going to align with my goals for the year and actually help me achieve what I set out to rather than them just be something absolutely ridiculous. This year I have really sat and thought about what I would love to receive for hitting each milestone as I have set myself a pretty big weight loss target for the year so I need some good motivation to keep me on track and here is what I have opted for...

New boxing gloves

I have been after some new boxing gloves for a while now and as I know I am definitely sticking to the classes I could do with an upgrade. I don't just want to go buy a pair though I want to earn them. I want to know that I have earned the treat of a new pair of gloves and that my hard work on my weight loss has finally meant I can get a pair. I think this might be my first milestone treat of the year though (2 stone loss over all) as I could do with getting these ASAP as my current gloves stink and are developing a hole in the lining. 

New shin pads

At my 2 & 1/2 stone overall loss milestone which is still a pretty big one I am going to finally cave and reward myself with some new shin pads for football. Again my current pair are a bit worse for wear but I want to earn these. I am eyeing up a customised pair where you add your own pictures to each shin pad, they are more expensive than normal however, they will definitely be worth the reward. I am definitely going to get my wear out of these too as I have training every week plus games most weeks. 

Sports earphones

At a 3 stone overall loss I am going to really push the boat out and make a pretty big purchase and again it is an item I have wanted for a long time but just haven't been able to justify due to the cost. The reward will be a new pair of earphones that are suitable for working out in both in the home gym (that will hopefully be complete by then) and for running, which I am definitely going to be doing plenty of by then. I have had my eye on a few different pairs of earphones so I will be doing my research before making the purchase to make sure I am getting the perfect pair of earphones for what I will be using them for. 

New football shirt 

When I reach a 3 & half stone overall loss I am hoping that it will be in time for the new season so I can reward myself with a new shirt for one of the many clubs I enjoy supporting. I always buy plenty of shirts each season however, there are normally a few that I end up missing out on just due to how expensive they are these days. I am going to make sure I have one specific shirt I am aiming for when it comes to that reward to make sure that I am fully focused on hitting that milestone and getting the shirt I really want and I am going to make sure I don't get the specific shirt until I hit that milestone. 

Running shoes

At 4 stone lost overall it is going to be time to treat myself to another pretty big purchase and this time it will be a new pair of running shoes as if everything has gone to plan my current running shoes will be worn out by the time I hit this milestone and I will be ready for a new pair. Running shoes that are good quality and going to prevent injuries are definitely on the more expensive side of things so it is definitely a big milestone treat rather than a half one so it definitely gives me something to really push towards. I am going to make sure I get some that are going to prevent injuries rather than just fashion ones as I am determined to be running a lot more often. 

New workout clothing

By the time I get to 4 & 1/2 stone lost I am definitely going to need a restock of workout clothing. I am going to really try limit myself to how much workout clothing I buy until I hit the 4 & 1/2 stone loss target and only buy items when I really, really need to like shorts if they are falling down. I am hoping if I hold out for buying them then I will be more determined to hit my goal to be able to treat myself, plus by the time I get to the goal I might have plenty of money saved ready to go out and treat myself to plenty of new pieces in my workout clothing wardrobe.

New weights

By the time I get to my 5 stone overall loss the home gym will definitely be complete and I am hoping that I will need to purchase some heavier weights for my workout as by the time I have lost the 5 stone I am hoping that I will be able to lift much heavier. I don't want to buy cheaper weights this time around though I want to buy some more expensive ones from a proper fitness shop rather than just Argos ones. These are definitely going to be an expensive but worthwhile purchase and to be honest I am really looking forward to making this upgrade.

When I get to that 5 stone loss I will be taking a lot at where I am and if I want to continue losing a bit more weight or if I want to maintain the weight and tone up. But until I get to this stage I really have no idea on what my plan is going to be heading. There is a high chance I am going to want to continue a little bit further but 5 stone is a big loss so I guess we will just evaluate the situation when we get there... fingers crossed I am closing in on having to think about this by the end of the year. 

When I do settle on the end goal though I am planning on having one big reward of a big shop to completely rebuild my wardrobe with clothing that fits the style I will be aiming for when I am at that total loss and I have my eye on a Palm Angels t-shirt that has been on the wish list for far too long. I am already saving up for this big shopping trip and I can see me having plenty of money in the pot by the time I reach that end goal, it is certainly going to be a long shopping day or even a few spread out over a period of time. I might even add some new football boots onto this as by the time I get to my goal weight my others might be worn out and as they are expensive I want to get my money worth out of the pair I have before moving onto a new pair. These would definitely not be being purchased before 2024 at the earliest however, they are definitely a good incentive. I might even add a final reward to the journey as a new camera for some projects I am working on and for sorting out Instagram content, I know this isn't really a weight loss style reward but it is going to be expensive and will benefit my fitness content and I just can't justify it any other way. 

Let's hope we can get moving with this weight loss and that I can start treating myself to some of these rewards really soon. I am hoping that 2023 is going to be a good year for my journey but I guess only time will tell. For now though it is time to start working towards that first goal of those boxing gloves, fingers crossed I can make that purchase very soon. 

Do you find setting reward incentives helps you achieve your goals sooner?

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