I am finally managing my time better...


All of a sudden my life seems to have got very busy and at times it is starting to get a bit too much. Last year I actually ended up burnt out and I have sworn to myself that in 2023 that won't be happening again as everything became such a struggle in that burnt out period and I totally neglected the goals I set out for myself in the year. As I say life has got very busy lately and it is rare I actually have time at home at the moment which I can't decide if it is a good thing or not. I am getting back to doing the things I love and I am working towards my goals however, it just doesn't seem like I get the chance to switch off which gets a bit overwhelming at times. I have said though that this year is going to be the year where I finally learn to manage my time better with a full time job, family life, a fitness journey and 3 websites I need to make sure I am managing my time better so nothing gets neglected and I don't wear myself down. 

With the 3 websites I end up always neglecting one as I just haven't found a way to balance them all yet however, my plan for this year is to sit down on a Sunday with my weekly planner and plan out at least one evening a week where I can spend a few hours working on a specific website and getting ahead of myself. That will be 3 evenings sorted out and I might throw in the occasional extra evening just to work on all 3 sites finishing off anything I didn't get done on the specific day. I am determined to limit the blog evenings though and keep a few evenings clear to either play games, see family or just fully switch off as this should help combat the overwhelm. 

I will also use the Sunday to plan out where I am each day so I know if I have enough hours in the day or not. I will put in when I am at work or if I have a day off, those blogging nights and then it is a case of adding in the extras. I will add my football training day, football game day if I have one and then I will add my weekly boxing session. From this I can see when to schedule my weights workouts in so I aren't adding too much into a single day. Luckily for me I am starting to get my workouts done pre-work so it frees up an extra hour on an evening which is definitely needed, plus working out in the morning always makes my day better. Once the main things are in I will add in any extra events for the week just so I know what extra I have to account for. 

Sunday is basically what I am calling a reset day and it is something I have decided to do after watching people do similar on YouTube of all places. It is where I can sit and look at the week just gone and make changes to the week ahead if needed. It is where I will plan my week like I mentioned earlier and I will also use the day to meal prep. This might mean an hour of cooking but will free up more time on my lunch breaks to work on any bits of content etc, I never thought of it this way and thought I was wasting a precious hour on a Sunday but it is definitely beneficial in the long run. I will also use Sundays to catch up on any housework, washing and little tasks that I need to get done. I will even use it to plan my outfits for the week as again it just speeds up the process during the week which is much needed and takes out the guessing work. 

I am also planning on managing my time better by trying to batch shooting content for my Instagram and spending a few hours scheduling in the posts. This will just save so much time whilst also making me more consistent across my many accounts, something which I am not doing too well with at the moment. These few hours a week doing this should help the consistency stick and help me grow and hit those goals I set myself for the year. I definitely want to show up online more and this should really help make that happen. Even if this takes a full day of creating if I get plenty done it will keep me on track for uploading for at least a week I hope. 

It is really hard to balance it all at time however, I am determined to get on top of it all in 2023 and create habits that are going to make life a whole lot easier over time especially as life only seems to be getting busier these days rather than quietening down. I can't complain as I am getting so many great opportunities I just wish some weeks would be a little bit quieter. Let's hope this managing time gets better and I can find a routine that suits me and helps me tick all the boxes. 

It is time to get ahead of myself and make some good progress in every aspect of life now whilst avoiding that dreaded burn out. 

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