The summer wish list to update my wardrobe...

Summer is finally here and the weather in the UK is finally starting to represent the season we are in as for once it has warmed up nicely and the sun is shining. This has let to a little dilemma for me though as due to my fitness & weight loss journey a lot of my clothing that is suitable for the warmer is far too big for me now. Granted I don't mind my clothing being over sized however, some of my t-shirt options now just look like they are burying me which I definitely aren't keen on plus I can't cope with how big my shorts are as they are constantly falling down that is why a bit of a summer wardrobe refresh is currently required. I know that anything I buy now should hopefully last me a while and some items would possibly be suitable for the autumn weather too, I am actually planning items that I am going to get plenty of wear out of now rather than just getting an item to wear for one season then get rid of it, it is time to start being smart with my money, but more on that bit in a future post. So here are the items that are currently on my summer wish list... 

Jordan Shorts

Every time I am browsing the Nike website or I am browsing my local JD store the Jordan shorts they sell always catch my eye and I am determined to get myself a pair as they look like they would last me a very long time. They have some subtle pairs with just the small logo on them or some pairs with a bolder print and honestly I would love a mix of pairs from the Jordan brand in basic colours so they would go with the rest of my wardrobe. I am definitely hoping to have a black or grey pair very soon.


Nike T-shirts 

Baisc Nike t-shirts are always on offer in JD 2 for £30 so it is about time I caved and picked up a few of them. They are pretty basic with just the small Nike logo on the chest so will be great for creating simpler, laid back outfits. These t-shirts come in a nice variety of colours too so I think I will be opting for ones that are going to be suitable for summer & autumn and that would look nice layered if the weather does drop a bit colder.

Nike Socks

I really don't believe you can ever have too many pairs of Nike sports socks, they are just so comfortable and go well with the majority of sneakers they are paired with. The start of summer for me is a time to get restocked on those classic white Nike socks, I will be getting myself some of the ankle socks and the crew ones so that I am well stocked for all occasions. 

Nike Hoodie

The simple Nike hoodies with the small logo on the chest have been another item that have jumped out at me on plenty of shopping trips in the past and I think now is the time to make the purchase. I am hoping to get a few light colours for the summer but also some that will still look great in the autumn, I can see 3 of these possibly being purchased very soon but I guess we will have to wait and see what the fit is like when I finally try one on. 

Adidas T-shirts

I have got a really nice purple Adidas t-shirt with the 3 white stripes on each shoulder and I absolutely love it, the t-shirts is lightweight and super comfortable so I think it is about time I picked up a few more of these for the summer so that I aren't just living in Nike. I currently have my eyes on a light blue one and an orange one so lets hope I can find one in my size to try on to see if the colours actually suit me.

Printed T-shirts

Every single time that I go into Primark I am drawn straight into their printed/graphic t-shirts and they are a nice variety of price points. I think I am going to treat myself to a few different ones for the summer just so I have a nice variety of t-shirts to pair with my different styles of shorts. I don't mind getting plenty of these ones as they are pretty inexpensive so if my size does change quickly I will just switch them to being pajama tops if they are too big to go out in. Plus if they do still fit in autumn then they will be great for layering up under open shirts or even under a zip up hoodie which I sometimes like wearing.

Hoodrich T-shirts

Hoodrich is a brand that I have wanted to try for a while but haven't got around to it yet as every time I go to purchase an item they never seem to have my size which is annoying. I am determined to get a few of their t-shirts throughout the summer though as they have some great bold colours available, I especially want to get a purple one and a blue one. 

UNC Dunks

The UNC Dunks have been on my wish list for a very long time now however, they are just so expensive so I haven't managed to get them yet. i am really hoping that I can get a pair this year though as I think they would look absolutely fantastic with the majority of my current wardrobe and I already know that Dunks are super comfortable. I have got my fingers crossed with this item.

White Converse

My parents got me some black Converse a while back and they are still so comfortable so I think it might be time to lighten things up for the summer and finally purchase a pair of the white classic hi top Converse. I know they are comfortable and will last me a while so it might finally be time to bite the bullet and stop putting off buying an item I really should own already. 

Bape x Vans

These khaki Vans have been in my sights for a while but the price has been putting me off a little bit but I think it might finally be time to purchase them. I love Vans and Bape is a brand I have wanted to try for a while but items have been way out of my price range whereas looking at the price of these sneakers they are reasonably priced compared to others on the Bape website. These would definitely help me change up the different coloured outfits I wear and just give me a different direction to go in. 

Crep Protect

I am not sure how I have let it happen but my Crep Protect has run out so I definitely need to purchase a new can ready for the summer weather. It might be nice when I head out the door but with us being in the UK the weather could change at any moment so I want to make sure all my sneakers are fully protected before I leave the house. A new can should last me until late autumn or even winter so buying this is a no brainer really as it is a small cost to pay if my sneakers last longer.

Those items are all ones that I can get plenty of wear out of not only throughout summer but also through the autumn and further seasons. The t-shirts will be perfect for layering and those sneakers will look fantastic in any weather, just as long as they don't get absolutely destroyed in rain or snow when the weather changes again. I am really starting to think more about the purchases I make especially with my size and style changing fairly often. I am just on countdown to when I hit my goal weight and size as that will mean one huge wardrobe overhaul to get the perfect clothing for me and I think that will be one fun shopping trip where I can begin healthier habits when it comes to buying clothes and hopefully stick to a much more streamlined wardrobe.

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