May 2022 Favourites

How are we through May already? This year is definitely going by far too fast for my liking. May has been a pretty good month as it has been at a much slower pace than previous months this year, with the football ending we have had much more free time to get on with other things we have wanted to do and honestly I just feel so much better for the change of pace. The month has been a great month overall and honestly I think from now on they are just going to get better too with quite a few fun things lined up. Here are my favourite things from the month of May though...


T-Shirt Weather

The weather has really started to warm up at points here in the UK now even up north, this has meant I have finally been able to head out a few times without a jacket or hoodie and actually got to show off some of my t-shirts with back prints rather than hiding them away. I love it at this time of year when I can stop layering up and go out in just a t-shirt and shorts if I like and to be honest I think t-shirt weather is going to be a firm favourite for the next few months if the weather stays this way. Now I just need to keep rotation the t-shirts I wear so I am getting my wear out of them. 


Free time at home 

As I said at the start of the post now the football is finished we have a lot more free time at home and to be honest I never thought I would say this but it is actually one of my favourite things from the month of May. That free time at home has been spent getting some much needed jobs done around the house, catching up on TV shows and just relaxing. It has created the start of a perfect break before the craziness of the football starts a lot earlier for us this year as we are attending a fair few Euro 2022 games. This free time has been long overdue and I am so glad we got this in May.


Games Room

With us spending a lot more time at home one room has been used a whole lot more than the others... the games room. It has been so good heading into this room most nights after work and just switching off rather than heading to the office area to work on blogs all the time (something I am trying to reduce and find a balance with) . It has been so nice just getting caught up on some of the games I have been wanting to buy for a long time and also just laying on the sofa bed in there chatting to Liam whilst he plays away on his games. After we spent so long and so much of this room it's nice to finally get full use out of it. 

Health & fitness


I am finally back to boxing properly now after my operation and wow I am so glad that I am back. Boxing definitely puts me through my paces each week and I really push myself which is certainly helping me on my weight loss and fitness journey. It is nice to get back into the class environment too and being able to see different people rather than just seeing my family all the time. Next step now is getting back to football when I feel a lot better as we should see the results really start rolling in then for the weight loss. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from May. What are your favourites from May 2022? 

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