How has it been 1 year of boxing already...


A year ago I stumbled across an advert for a women's only boxing class at our village gym and to be honest when I first saw it I wasn't too sure about it, did I really want to go to a class when I was still this big and unfit or should I wait until I have lost more weight and got a bit fitter. That is when I realised how stupid I was being as going boxing once a week would massively help with my weight loss and getting me fit, I needed to stop doubting myself and just get out there and do things I wanted to do whilst helping my journey along in the process. 

Boxing is something I wanted to give a go for a long time so there was no stopping me and after a chat with my sister she agreed to come along to the classes with me and in no time I fell in love with the activity and all the benefits I got from it. Now I never thought I would do a group class as I remember seeing some where people would turn their noses up at you and everyone had their own little groups but this isn't like that at all everyone is lovely and makes you feel welcome and comfortable whilst giving you words of encouragement when you start to feel too tired to keep going. My sister going with me was my safety next for so long but then she kept dropping out, a few times I didn't attend the class due to this but the more I went the more my confidence grew and I stepped out of that comfort zone and actually went alone. Granted my anxiety still plays up when this happens but now I just get on with it and still have fun and push myself just like I do when my sister is there.

When I had to miss classes due to having my surgery I was absolutely gutted and couldn't wait to go back that is why when I had a follow up appointment at the hospital my first question was 'can I go boxing again?' I was so relieved after 5 weeks when I could return to the classes as I had missed it and I wanted to carry on making progress in my journey rather than sitting at home bored stupid, I was straight back and absolutely loving it once more. 

The class is an hour long but honestly that hour flies by and is over in no time, it might go quick but you definitely get your £5 worth throughout the hour and my clothing often changes colour due to just how much I sweat in that hour. Even when you don't think you are doing much your body is being put through its paces and the amount of calories my watch says I burn in an hour is pretty unbelievable and the first few times I thought my watch was broke due to the amount it was showing sometimes it can be in the 500 range. It is safe to say attending this class is really helping me on my weight loss journey and I am noticing my arms are getting stronger and are toning up just a little bit too, even my fitness levels seem to be increasing especially when I am going consistently without skipping any weeks that is when I am noticing the biggest differences, I just wish I could go solidly for a few months with no other occasions popping up as I think I would notice a massive change in me. The hour is split up into two sections the first half is fitness and the second half is boxing. To be honest I thought I would hate the first hour  but it is brilliant and really gets you set up for a good session, I could just do without the burpees as my body certainly hates them. The boxing section is different each week too with different pad work or punch bag work so no two consecutive weeks are the same which keeps it nice and interesting. As I say it really puts me through my paces but I feel great at the end of the session although I am definitely sore the following day as my body adjusts to what has happened in the session. One big thing I have noticed though is that my knee might still be sore and playing up but it is nowhere near as bad as it was before which is brilliant and as I keep going & losing more weight it makes you wonder if that pain is going to end up being almost nonexistent.

I love the classes so much I have even got a punch bag at home ready for when I get my home gym sorted out, I love just having a short amount of time on this working on punch combos as it is just a little extra workout for me and it is something I don't mind doing as I enjoy it. As I said before my confidence is definitely growing and I think as I continue these classes it is only going to keep growing and I am going to be able to do so much more thanks to this like go to more events for the blogs etc. I have realised it is interesting to see just what can help boost your confidence and boxing is one of the big things for me at the moment. 

I am absolutely loving these classes and I wish I could do the Saturday one too but unfortuately that is just a bit too much for me at the moment with other things going on too but who knows one day the classes might end up being 2 days a week rather than 1 but we will just have to wait and see. All I know is I am planning on going to these classes for a really long time and even when I have got to my weight loss goal I am planning on continuing to attend as I enjoy it that much. Wednesday evenings are my new favourite time of the week. 

Do you take part in any fitness classes?

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