I am learning it is about lifestyle changes


This fitness and weight loss journey is really starting to open my eyes to a lot of different things and how my body works but one thing it is really showing me is that a certain saying is 100% true... it isn't a diet it is a lifestyle change. By realising this it has really helped me build new habits and stay on track rather than doing something for a week or two then completely giving up. 

In the past I have tried crash dieting which did me absolutely no good and I ended up gaining more weight than anything else. I used to think the only way to lose weight was to cut out everything that I liked and that is where I was going wrong, as long as I am in the calorie deficit I can eat anything in moderation and I will still be able to lose the weight I want to lose. Which is a good job as it means I no longer have to force myself to eat salads like previous diets have said... I absolutely hate salads and I am a fussy eater to a certain extent.

It has also taught me that exercising all the time isn't going to do the trick, you still need to be in that calorie deficit so there is no point in working out for 3 hours a day and then eating 3 takeaways way over your daily calorie allowance. I now know that I need to eat right to get the results I want rather than just focusing on the working out part. It has even helped me cut back on the amount of takeaways I have as I have now realised just how awful I feel after having them, now I would much rather just eat what we have in the house as I know exactly what is in it and I know it won't be half as greasy as my usual takeaway order. I am still eating burgers once a week but this time I am eating turkey burgers which I now prefer over beef ones and they are much better for me calorie wise, I still have the treats in my diet but even with those I am making better choices and having them fit around my calories for the day. I am even trying to gradually add more fruit and veg into my diet to make it a bit healthier and as a fussy eater on this side of things it has been hard but also great to do as I am trying new things and actually liking them. Even when I am out and about I am trying new meals at pubs and restaurants instead of going for the biggest burger on the menu which I used to do and it is safe to say I am actually having fun trying new things for a change. My new go to meal though is turkey bacon and eggs, it is so simple to cook, tastes great and has plenty of protein in for the start of my day, it is funny though as I wouldn't have bothered with anything like this a few years ago before my journey started. 

I have also learned that planning is super beneficial for those changes to take place and stay consistent. Every Sunday I sit down and plan out the meals I will be having and I will also plan what workouts I am doing each day so I know how to plan my to do lists on the day. The planning just helps me have a clearer view so I don't over do it and I get my daily tasks and workouts ticked off even if my life is starting to get busier again. Planning also helps me think more about the choices I am making too so it definitely helps me stay on track and I can always change things around if I really need to although that hasn't happened yet as I always plan to make my life easier at any given chance. 

It is definitely the simple swaps that are making the biggest difference and those gradual changes I am putting in place are really making a big impact on my life overall as I am feeling much healthier, more confident and even more motivated. I am even easily increasing my step count which is a big shock as I didn't realise just how easy it would be for me to actually increase them like getting a lift to work has stopped and I will happily walk to and from work now with no complaints. My mindset has definitely changed for the better and I am still only at the start of my journey so I am really looking forward to seeing the progress I can make in the future as these changes are definitely helping things go the right way.

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