How I currently style my Lebron Witness sneakers

Did I really think I would be walking around for hours on end in basketball sneakers? Nope I definitely didn't but these Lebron Witness sneakers were too much of a bargain to pass up on and as I am trying to wear the sneakers I buy a lot more often rather than having them sat gathering dust I knew I had to give these a bit of a test drive and see how they would hold out for a full day of walking... it is safe to say they definitely passed the test and I can't wait to get wearing them more often. 

I ended up going up 1/2 a size when purchasing these are they are a bit more on the tight fitting side and honestly I think I could have pushed it and gone a full size up just for an extra bit of room but honestly even at just half a size up they were still comfortable and I could honestly wear them for a full day without them starting to feel uncomfortable. 

I absolutely love the colours on these sneakers too as they are pretty subtle until it comes to the laces which are nice and bold plus the lion head sticking out at the back just adds a bit more to the sneakers without making them too in your face. The sole plate of the sneaker is brilliant too and I think that is what makes the sneakers really comfortable and you can tell they are made for playing basketball due to the shape of the sole and the amount of cushioning they provide. I am actually really tempted to purchase a basketball just to see how good they are for playing the game. 

When it comes to styling these sneakers I am determined to keep it nice and simple so that the sneakers are the focal point of the outfit but of course I had to keep that basketball theme flowing throughout the whole outfit. For the outfit I have worn my gods of basketball t-shirt from Footlocker which I have had for a while now but it is still one of my favourite t-shirts as the print looks so good and it fits just right at the moment. I have then just thrown on some nice comfortable black jersey shorts to add to the comfort of the outfit whilst also keeping the colours the same throughout the outfit. This is definitely my go to look with these sneakers but if I do want to change it up I will swap out the jersey shorts for some cargo ones just to give the whole look a bit more of a street style outfit. If I was going to go for the whole basketball look though I would definitely pick up a basketball jersey and some basketball shorts to create an outfit I would be happy going to a basketball court in. 

I am so glad I go these sneakers as they are definitely nice and different to every other pair I have in my collection and to be honest I have been nagging Liam for a basketball set up in the garden for a while now so who knows by having these I might finally be able to convince him that having our own mini court in the garden is a good idea, but I guess we will just have to wait and see if that works. 

My love for basketball is constantly growing and I really can't wait to pick up some jerseys at long last and finally get wearing these sneakers a whole lot more than I have been. They are definitely up there as one of my favourite pairs at the moment.

How would you style these sneakers? 

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