My home workout must haves...


Now that I have been working out a whole lot more and for a long period of time I am really starting to realise just what I need to have to hand to make sure I am having a good workout session. Before I would just throw on any old clothing and stick on a YouTube video to get my daily workout in however, these days a bit more consideration is taken in terms of what I am doing that day and what I want to get out of the session. With my current training plan things get mixed up each time but luckily they require the same sort of equipment so I don't have to go overboard with what I own but sometimes small changes do crop up and I need to adjust slightly so having exactly what I need to hand is perfect. Today's post is a look at my must have items for my at home workouts. I honestly never knew these items would find their way into our house as previously I would have looked at them and laughed as if to say yeah right why would I need that. So here are my home workout must have items at the moment...

Comfy Clothes

With me working out at home I used to just throw any old clothing on for my workouts but then I realised I should get ready for these workouts as if I was heading to the gym to do them because at least then I would be comfortable. I started off wearing clothing that was too baggy for me and was weighing me down then I ended up with some items that restricted my movements so I wasn't performing exercises properly. Now I go for comfort and the correct fit when I am buying my workout clothes as I know I have my best workout in this as I aren't restricted,weighed down or having to adjust the clothing every two minutes. This even applies to socks for me as well as for me I have to have a pair of Nike cushioned sports socks on whether it is for a run or a weights session they are just so much more comfortable and don't irritate me when working out. 

Correct Footwear 

Before starting this journey properly if I had to do a workout I just put a generic pair of athletic sneakers on and hoped for the best but as my journey progressed I realised I was going wrong in this area and I really needed to sort this issue out as it was actually causing me pain and injury. Now I make sure when I am doing any weight related work I wear my Converse or Vans as they keep my feet flat to the floor, then for running I will wear my Nike Pegasus 38's which are great for this type of workout. I definitely want some Nike Metcon's for lifting when the home gym is done though as they look so comfortable.

Water Bottle 

Possibly the most important for me is a good water bottle, not one that is going to leak down my t-shirt as I am sipping it but one that is a good solid make and can survive being dropped. That is why I have this Buildlife one from Amazon, it is a 2 ltr one so I can make sure I get enough water in during the day and it also means I won't be running out of water mid workout, the weight of this bottle when it is full makes for a bit of an added weights workout. 

Yoga Mat 

I originally overlooked getting a yoga mat as I wasn't planning on doing yoga so why would I need it? Turns out though having one of these mats out when doing exercises involving laying on the floor such as sit ups or even doing the plank & push ups is a great benefit. It just makes it a little bit more comfortable for you and I have noticed my form is better on sit ups when I have this as I aren't worrying about my back hurting as much as if I was directly on the floor. My current yoga mat is getting a bit worn now though so if anyone has any reasonably priced recommendations please let me know. 


Before doing these workouts I avoided weights at all cost, I was one of these that thought if I used them I was just going to get bulky and there was no way it could help me lose weights. Now I am working out properly though I am realising just how beneficial adding weights into my routine can be and I am noticing I am getting much stronger already whilst loosing weight. I don't lift heavy so I just have a 25kg barbell set and a few extra dumbbells at the moment but they are doing the trick and I would be lost without them.

Resistance Bands

A bit like with the weights I didn't actually think I would require resistance bands however, they have been a constant throughout my journey so far and I don't think I would be where I am without them. They are a great way to do weight based activities without needing a set of weights as the different resitances that you get in a pack let you pick just how difficult you want the exercise to be. I love the bands I have so much that they have even gone on a few holidays with me now so I could continue to get those workouts in effectively. The set I got come in a little bag so I can just through them in my bag and workout wherever I like. 

Knee Brace

If you know me or have read the blog for a while you will know that I struggle really bad with pain in my left knee and have done since I was really young. That is why a good knee brace is a must have for me and why I don't work out without one on anymore. I have found wearing one to work out in just helps ease of the pain during the workout and also stops it from hurting for days after like has previously happened. Since wearing one for all my workouts the pain is definitely starting to get more manageable after exercise. 


I definitely can't workout without my earphones or any form of music to be honest. Sometimes I will just put YouTube on the TV and workout with that playing but I have found if I workout with my earphones in I do so much better and have a better workout as I aren't having to skip ads and I can just get on with the sets I need to. As we get the home gym complete I know I will be wearing my earphones to workout a whole lot more and as we plan to get out running I think the earphones are going to become even more of a must have.

Massage Gun

My final must have is something I picked up last year I believe and I don't know how I worked out without one before. My massage gun has been a must have for any workout session as a quick use of this after a workout really helps ease the aches and pains that I usually get from completing a workout. This comes in especially handy after a boxing session as it just helps bring a bit of life back into my arms. This is definitely one of my best purchases of the year and I know it is going to be very useful for a long time to come.

If you would like to see me do a similar post with must haves for football and boxing or anything else then let me know and I will get one put together for you.But for now those are the items that I have to have for my at home workout sessions so I can really get the most out of them and also recover correctly after each session. 

There will be plenty more home workout content coming soon as we finally start to convert our garage into a home gym at long last. I can't wait for a space where I can just take myself off and workout in peace with no distractions whenever I feel like it, I think having the space will make a big difference over all. 

What are your home workout must haves?

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